Hairstyle "French waterfall"

A hairstyle familiar to us under the names "Waterfall" or "French Waterfall" (after all, the basis for its creation is the French pigtail) is a new and beautiful way of hair styling, which can not only be created in a hairdresser, but also made at home. It is named so thanks to the released strands on the back, and in fact resembles the playful streams of the waterfall. You can create it both on straight and curly hair, taking to any image and clothes.

French Waterfall: a scheme for creating a hairstyle

In order to braid the hair in the "Waterfall", take a thin strand of hair on the side of the head - it does not matter, left or right. But in this lesson we will talk about weaving from left to right. By the way, if you have a bang, safely include it in the "design": it can first be released, and then put a hair style under it.

So, from the chosen locks begin to braid the usual braid, consisting of 3 strands. When you reach the level of the ear, select from above another thin strand. Cross the right and middle strands that you had in your hands before, and the third in this case will be just taken new - cover it with a free curl. Now release the right side of the hair with this additional curl down - you got the first strand of your cascade.

There are two strands left in the hands. The third take as you already know - from above, from the general mass. Scourge the braid, and when the right strand is down, release it. In general, you have to have two strands of work each time, and then you will take a third from above, then drop it down into the "waterfall". Such a braid can be braided as to the middle of the head, and all around the circumference. At the end of the work, fix the tip of the braid, leaving one curl loose. By the way, to create a "lacy effect" during the weaving of the lash, you can slightly pull them out.

This is the basic weaving of such a braid. Although of course, you do not interfere with connecting your fantasy and create a slightly different, original pigtail - for example, make it both one-sided, and two-sided, or to whip the entire head.

French waterfall: fashion options

Two-sided hairstyle "French waterfall" is a braid. To create it you need to braid not one but two "waterfalls", from both sides of the head, towards each other. On the back of the head, they will be combined into a simple three-stranded pigtail, fixed with a beautiful hair clip or elastic band.

"Waterfall" has many different variations of the weaving:

1. Smart hair. Screw the hair on a curling plate or curlers, scratch at the roots to give volume - and only after that, weave. Your hair will be a real holiday decoration!

2. Severity. Are you going to a business meeting? Straighten the strands - you will look more elegant and business-like.

3. Unusual. First, twist the hair, and then curl - but not all, but only strands that are released from the braid. The curls will turn sour in a special way. Do you want to surprise? Create a multi-tiered version, that is, not one scythe, but several at the same time. By the way, this is - an ideal option for a wedding hairstyle, because in this case the hair will be obediently and exquisitely collected from above, and from below gracefully stream. Very romantic hairstyle!

And, of course, ribbons and flowers, springs and rhinestones, elegant studs will only decorate your head.

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