What hair style will suit you?


Define the face oval. Your perfect hairstyle

To choose a hairstyle that intelligently emphasizes the details of your image and determines a bright and unforgettable image, you need to be weighed and guided by a number of factors. First of all, pay attention to the shape of the face.

hairstyle for an elongated face

The elongated face. Choose a hairstyle and style

A characteristic feature of the elongated form of the face is a high forehead and elongated chin of a rounded shape. In this case, the stylists recommend avoiding any details in the hair, clothes and accessories that can visually lengthen the face.

Triangular shape of the face. How to choose the right hairstyle

The shape of the face "triangle" characterizes a wide forehead and narrow chin. It is required to visually balance these factors with the help of a well-chosen hairstyle and make-up.

hairstyle for a square face

Square face shape. Hairstyle and style

A distinctive feature of the square face is the same size in length and width. Harmony in the image can be achieved visually extending the shape of the face and smoothly rounding the line of the chin.

hairstyle for a round face

Round face. How to choose the right hairstyle

For a round face shape, the same length and width and round shape of the chin are characteristic. Such ladies should avoid hairstyles and accessories that can visually make the shape of the face even more round.

Oval face. Create a harmonious image

Oval face shape - the best type, given by nature. Happy owners of this type of person, thanks to the perfect proportions, can afford to realize any wildest fantasies and radically change the image. But still it is necessary to listen to the advice of stylists.

diamond-shaped face

The shape of the face is diamond. Suitable hairstyles

The rhomboid shape of the face or "diamond" expands in the area of ​​the cheekbones and narrows at the chin and forehead. You should choose a hairstyle, accessories and make-up that can visually expand the chin and forehead and narrow the cheekbones.

pear-shaped face

Pear-shaped face. Your ideal image

Women with a pear-shaped face have a wide chin and cheekbones and a relatively narrow forehead. To balance these factors, stylists recommend that they use the various details of the hairstyle and makeup to give the volume of the upper face.

How to disguise the high forehead

A high forehead is more a virtue than a disadvantage. They can be proud of such celebrities as Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others, as this is an indicator of high intellectual abilities. However, to balance the facial features, it is recommended to correct the hair.

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