Repeat for hair growth

People suffering from hair problems often try a lot of money to grow and strengthen curls, but the result is not happy. One of the popular means for hair growth, which collected the greatest number of reviews after application, is Repevit.

Why is Repevit useful for hair?

Cosmetologists or stylists recommend it for:

- Growing hair,

- treatment of hair loss, alopecia,

- "drying" of fatty hair and their simultaneous moistening,

- "gluing" double ends,

- treatment of dandruff,

- the healing of every strand, giving strength to the hair,

- soothing the itchy scalp.

Repepit for hair: composition

Repetite for hair is an oily liquid created from the drawing of medicinal plants. His "heart" is the roots of elecampane high and burdock; grass of mother-and-stepmother, field horsetail and tripartite line; leaves of nettle dioecious; red pepper (fruits); castor oil. Also the formula of this remedy is enriched with vitamins (there are a lot of them, most of all - group B, and also vitamins C, E, PP, D), minerals (sodium, silicon, calcium), ethers (tea tree, cedar, eucalyptus).

Due to its balanced composition, the repetite helps the cells to be updated, soothes the problem scalp, restores the damaged hairs, nourishes the bulbs, normalizes the exchange of fats. It also helps hair to fight external problems - a bad impact on our beauty of frost, wind, sun.

Repevit under the "microscope"

The main component of the remedy is the burdock, that is, the burdock. This plant has always liked hairdressers, and not for nothing. It is rich in fatty oils, enveloping the hair with a protective "spacesuit", as well as polysaccharides, smoothing our strands, while giving them a glamorous shine. Tannins are also present here - they are very valuable for people who lose their hair.

"The second violin" in the "symphony" of the repos is nettle. It is rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In addition, it simply oversaw the content of minerals.

If we talk about all the advantages of Recipe for hair, then this is:

- stimulation of hair and skin underneath,

- strengthening bulbs of each hair,

- acceleration of hair growth, improvement of hair structure,

- nutrition of the scalp,

- regulation of the work of sweat and sebaceous glands, as well as blood circulation,

- cleansing the head of pathogenic microbes,

- improving the breathing of the skin under the hair, as well as the metabolism in it,

- reduction of hair loss,

- the launch of "dormant" bulbs,

- treatment of dandruff (if it has just started to appear),

- rapid healing of small wounds on the skin, acceleration of the restoration of its cells.

How to use Repevit for hair?

The oil substance is heated to a pleasant body temperature with the help of a water bath. Then the repetit is rubbed into the skin under the hair by gentle massage movements. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to work the head. The remnants of the product are smeared over the strands, after which the hair is combed, so that valuable substance gets on each hair.

Then the hair is wrapped in a film, warmed with a turban from a bath towel. Keep this "accessory" you need about 30 minutes. Now you can wash your head with shampoo and wipe your hair thoroughly.

Course: 2 to 3 months, two sessions per week. After applying, the reveritis can barely pinch the skin, it's not scary.

Repetit for hair: contraindications

Creators say that repetit is harmless, so recommend it even to nursing mothers and pregnant women. Side effects that used it people did not find.

However, it was noted: if a very long time to use the drug, it can cause weakness, high excitability and even irritability. That's why the instruction warns: "Without a breather" this means can be used for a maximum of 3 months!

In addition, if you have an allergy to the ethers, the repetit does not suit you. Although you can process them the hair tips you've seen - the main thing is that the product does not get on the skin.

And finally, very carefully to get acquainted with the drug you need the owner of dyed hair (he can wash their color), as well as blondes (hair can change its hue).

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