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Doing home masks and other caregivers for your "mane" is profitable at a price, but time-consuming. In addition, many women find it difficult to choose the ingredient for themselves from the first time, and we have to spend time also on monitoring the reaction of the hair to every single mask. Another thing - a beauty salon. Experienced master himself will tell you what exactly your hair and what quantity you need. In this article, we will analyze all the most popular hair salon procedures. Choose from where you want to start!

Restoring hair in the salon


This procedure thickens every single hair, that is, very impressive adds to the volume of hair. On each strand is applied a remedy, part of which remains in the form of a film on the hairs. This makes the hair more obedient when laying, and also gives them an "umbrella effect", that is, protects both from the sun and from the styling "chemistry". Minus procedure: it does not heal; weakened, "killed" hair is better not to laminate.


The procedure is a "sibling" of lamination, but the tool is applied differently: the cellulose is moisture and breathable (often it is made from the juice of dandelions). The procedure protects hair qualitatively, plus it can be done once a month and even less often.


Multipurpose procedure: it nourishes, and treats, and gives hair shine, and creates a film that protects the hairs. The formula of the remedy for this procedure is rich in nutrients, caring for the "mane". "Target Audience" screening - the owner of disobedient, dull, comb-afraid hair. After applying the funds for the salon, you can forget for a month. By the way, this procedure can be combined with lamination (which many masters advise).


This is a combination of staining (but very neat) and "repairing" each hair. The name of the procedure went from the name of the work tool - Elumen. It not only renews the hairs, but also strengthens the roots. In addition, the hair is not toned, but painted, and in a persistent color. In the salon you will have to stay at least two hours, but the effect you will see the first time, and it will last for a month, or even two.


This procedure can be of two types: cuticular and molecular. Glossing of the first type heals the hair and the skin beneath them, which is shown to women suffering from dandruff and hair loss. Molecular glazing takes care only of the hair itself, making it shiny, obedient. Less procedure: doing it, you can not dye your hair.


The hair is applied to the remedy, which remains on them in the form of a "glaze" rich in ceramics. The procedure emphasizes the natural shade of your hair, makes each strand more docile and radiant, each hair is thicker, and the whole "mane" is bigger, starting from the roots. The result from the procedure is visible after the first application of the remedy and does not disappear for about a month. By the way, glazing can be not only colorless, but also color. Do you want to change the tone or color of your hair? Tell the master about it!


Keratin is, in fact, a protein, without which hair can not "live." So keratinizing is the saturation of each hair with "bricks", from which they are added. The result of the procedure - aligned, soft, smooth, obedient strands, as well as a protective "umbrella" on each hair. "Target audience" of keratinizing are girls with long hair, suffering from perpetual tangling of the braces or the tips of the tips. Especially the procedure will please with its unpretentiousness: after making it once, you can forget about the salon for 3 months.


This procedure is similar to the previous one: it also "iron" locks and also implies the use of keratin, however in this case the main rate is made for high temperature. Curly or just mischievous, disobedient hair after kerothermia will become even, shining, not just once, but for several months (up to 4). However, the procedure has contraindications, so ask the master about it in detail.

Bioremediation (or cauterization)

The procedure for fans of "eco", as all components of the used product - natural. The main ingredients are bamboo serum (restores the hair) and aerosol (glues the exfoliated scales). In general, the procedure "animates" all layers of the hair. It is interesting that it can be done in two ways: cold and hot. Remember: from the first application the result will be minimal, you need from three procedures.


The procedure bordering on extreme: hair is treated by burning with fire. What does it give? First, it eliminates the "split" tips, secondly, heals brittle and thin hairs, thirdly, helps the "mane" to shine and become larger, and fourthly, it is an effective way to grow your braid faster. First, all the strands are treated with a special tool containing keratin and other important for beauty "manes" components. Then the master walks along the entire length of his head with a burning cotton swab.

Brazilian Recovery

This procedure is based on protein, without which the beauty of hair is also impossible: it is extracted from the hood of sheep, so that it is close to our "native" hair protein in composition. Active during the procedure penetrates into all hairs, strengthening them from the inside; all "eaten" styling, bad weather and lack of nutrition "holes" in the hair protein fills, and even "zaleplivaet" the outer layer of the hair, so that the hair gets strong protection. After the procedure, you may notice that your "mane" has become smooth, docile and very pleasant to the touch.


A highly specialized procedure that eliminates the problem of brittle hair and cross-section of tips. Here, all the work is done by an apparatus called HG Polishen. He cuts the problem ends with a special nozzle, practically without changing the length of the hair. If you often go to the salon just to remove the "tired of life" tips, try replacing the usual haircut with this procedure!

Collagen repair

The procedure "treats" every lock with collagen and protein, due to which the hair is restored. The procedure is also applied to the scalp. The composition based on water not only moisturizes, but also nourishes every strand. This procedure is suitable not only for girls with problem hair, but also for those whose "mane" has lost its elasticity.

Botox for hair

This drug is associated with wrinkles, but this procedure solves the problem of slow growth, loss, "fluid", poor hair appearance. The drug, which is used in the procedure, is saturated with vitamins, proteins, amino acids, keratin and natural ingredients (among them green tea extract).

Hot wrapping

Spa treatment, has not yet become familiar. It is pleasant and useful (treats "hammered" rest on the sea or styling hair, filling the "voids" in the hair). The result: a shine, a healthy and expensive look of every curl.

Cysteine ​​reduction

Care for curly hair. Cysteine ​​is applied to the hair, penetrates deep into the hair, feeding it from the core.

Thermo-moistening (thermal treatment)

Even more narrowly specialized procedure: it will suit curls, whose hair is very affected. The caring composition moisturizes every hair, "sticking" the scales from the roots to the tips. The procedure will help turn an unintelligible "straw" into hair, worthy of shooting in advertising shampoo.

Hot haircut

It will help if your beautiful hair spoils whitish split ends: the scissors cut them, gluing the remaining hairs, thereby protecting the ends of the curls from new injuries. But you need to know: this haircut should be done if the hair is not damaged as much as possible.

Shock recovery

Deep renewal of hair structure. "Target audience" - girls and women, addicted to curling and / or lightening hair. The procedure consists of several stages: hair cleansing, dressing treatment with a special agent (which contains nutritional oil and growth activator). "Mask" works quickly - after a couple of minutes each hair is actively attacking useful components. The effect is visible after the end of the procedure.

Salon procedures for accelerating hair growth


The procedure does not require any "chemistry" - the scalp is affected by electric current. Speech, of course, is about the impact of low power and high frequency of current. This improves the "running around" of blood in the skin, so that the hair stops falling out and grows faster. By the way, such a device can be bought and used at home, the instruction will not give a mistake.

Biorevitalization (mesotherapy)

The skin under the hair is processed by micro-rings: useful substances that get inside, nourish the hair follicles, speeding up the growth of the head of hear. Are you afraid of injections? Your choice is laser or non-injection biorevitalization.

Ozone therapy

Again, injections, only the mixture with ozone. The procedure speeds up the "run" not only of blood, but also of lymph, and of course, nourishes the follicles.


The skin under the hair is massaged with liquid nitrogen (it is applied with pinpoint motions). The procedure awakens "sleepy" bulbs, improves fat metabolism in the skin, heals hair loss, improves metabolism. You will see the effect after the 1st procedure.

The beauty industry does not stand still, therefore this list is supplemented every year with new inventions. Look for a tool "for yourself" and do not save on it - and then your hair will always delight you with health and irresistibility!

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