How to wash off the henna from the hair?

How to wash off the henna from the hair?

How to wash off the henna from the hair?

Coloring hair with henna is the most ancient way to change your natural color. Many women prefer to dye their hair with henna , as this paint is natural and harmless to the hair. But it has one significant drawback - henna is almost impossible to wash off, and if you dye your hair with chemical dyes, there is a risk of getting extravagant green or orange shades.

If you want to get rid of the bored red henna, you can do two things:

1. Pull the paint out of the structure of the hair with the help of folk masks, which will help you regain your natural hair color. Remember that you can not completely wash henna, but to muffle the redhead and bring the hair color closer to the original folk recipes will help you.

2. Recolor or darken the hair in a dark color. However, there is a risk that the hair color will be uneven (overgrown roots will be painted darker). Before using chemical paint, you need to consult a hairdresser. Before staining henna you need to wash it off a little.

How to wash off henna from hair folk remedies:

1. Well draw henna from hair oil masks . It is best to make masks out of olive oil . Apply the oil (preferably pre-heated) along the entire length of the hair, warm the head with a cap and leave for 2 hours. Rinse the mask with shampoo for greasy hair or polishing.

2. Dampen hair with 70% alcohol and hold for 5 minutes. Then, without washing off the alcohol from the hair, oil them with oil (mineral, vegetable, oil to remove paint) and heat the head. Keep the mask for 30 minutes, it is advisable to heat up the hair with a hairdryer. Rinse the mask with shampoo for greasy hair or a polishing shampoo. You may need to repeat the procedure several times. Alcohol opens the hair scales, and the oil draws henna. (Instead of alcohol you can rinse your hair with hot water, it also opens the hair scales).

3. A little muted color of henna will help sour cream sour cream . Apply sour cream on your hair, put on a hat and hold the mask for 1 hour.

4. Partially to wash henna from hair it is possible by means of an economic soap. Since soap is an alkali, it opens hair scales. After you have washed your head with soap, apply an oil mask. Repeat the procedure for a month. Then you can dye your hair with another paint.

5. Try a mask of yogurt and yeast . On a glass of yogurt add 40 gr of yeast, apply on hair for 2 hours. Do the mask daily until you are satisfied with the result.

6. Fill the pelvis with water and add 3 tablespoons of vinegar . Hold the hair for 10 minutes in a solution, then thoroughly wash it with shampoo, and apply a balm. Thus, a large percentage of the paint is washed out.

7. If you are unhappy with the red color of henna, you can change the shade with coffee . Take 4 tablespoons of coffee and 2 tablespoons of henna. The color is much darker.

Remember that it is easiest to wash off the henna from the hair within two weeks after staining. Later henna practically "makes friends" with the hair, and it is much more difficult to wash it off.

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