How to wash off persistent paint from hair?

How to wash off persistent paint from hair

How to wash off persistent paint from hair?

Many girls, experimenting on themselves, are often unhappy with the new color of their hair. After all, when staining the hair at home you can get completely unpredictable shades. Hair dye stays keep very long, but there are several ways to quickly correct mistakes of unsuccessful staining - bleaching preparations, acidic washings and natural home masks, with which you can draw out an unfortunate color a little, make it muffled.


If the hair has been dyed too dark and you want to lighten it, the hairdresser can suggest that you use bleach detergents. These drugs lighten the hair for about 4 tones. Very often after its application, the hair becomes reddish. If desired, the procedure can be repeated after 2 weeks (not earlier), but it is better to paint this rusty color with a different shade.

However, remember that you need to remove the hair from the hair in the salon, from a professional master.

It should also be taken into account that when the hair is removed with bleaching agents, the hair becomes very spoiled (some even begin to fall off the tips of the hair), so after such procedures it will be necessary to treat the hair with nourishing masks and balms .

The darker the paint, the more difficult it is to wash it off the hair in one go. Even an experienced master may need several procedures to draw out stubborn black from his hair. You can, of course, risk to wash the paint yourself at home, but no one can guarantee a positive result. Therefore, if you are still inclined to solve problems with hair color yourself, we advise you to choose the safest and at the same time effective washing.

Acid washings

acidic paint remover with hair To date, manufacturers offer more gentle preparations for "pulling" resistant paint from the hair structure - acid (without ammonia and discolouring components). It is not necessary to believe unreservedly the manufacturers and advertisers who claim absolute harmlessness of these drugs, they are not reflected in the state of hair in the best way. After the restoration of the color, you still have to store a liter of nutritious balms and therapeutic masks.

We offer you to pay attention to the most popular to date acid preparations for washing hair from hair:

  • "Color off", Estel
  • "Remake Color", Hair Light
  • "Remover", Dikson
  • "Oxy Reload", Selective
  • "Colorianne Color System", Brelil
  • "Art Color Off", Vitalitys
  • Vitality's discoloration oil

    Manufacturers of these drugs claim that acid washings do not cause significant harm to hair, in contrast to hard and aggressive bleaching agents. Acid washings for hair do not contain ammonia, so they do not discolor hair, but only draw from it an artificial coloring pigment. The natural color of the hair does not work in any way.

    The remedies do not affect the overgrown hair roots (unpainted), and only affect the oxidized part of the hair (stained with paint). After the procedure, the hair remains soft thanks to the care components. The old color can be deduced for 1-2 reception (for each time 2-3 tones are removed).

    The essence of the technique is that the connection between the molecules of the paint and the structure of the hair is "torn", the artificial pigment is "wrapped" in the drug molecules and the dye is easily washed off.

    By the way, do not forget to treat the choice of a new hair color more seriously! This is not so difficult to determine its color type .

    Natural masks for removing paint

    natural masks for removing paint There are also natural paint absorbers. Of course, they are not so effective, but they do not harm the hair, and even restore their structure. The most popular of them are vegetable oils - burdock , olive , almond, linseed , etc. Strike the oil in the hair before washing your head. You can strengthen the effect if you add a little bit of beer or cognac to the butter. The mask should be kept on the hair for about three hours. Then rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo and rinse with acidified lemon water. You can rinse your head with a decoction of chamomile . By the way, with the help of chamomile, you can lighten the hair a little, if you rinse your hair regularly.

    Mask of curdled milk or yogurt will help to slightly muffle the color. Lubricate the hair with kefir and leave for 1.5 hours. A greenish shade on the hair will help wash off the solution of aspirin (5 tablets per glass of water).

    With the help of laundry soap, you can also wash the color a little. However, remember that soap dries the hair and scalp, so do not forget to rinse your hair with acidified water and restore the water balance with moisturizing masks.


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