Asymmetrical (oblique) haircut

Asymmetric (oblique) is called haircuts with different lengths of hair. Most often they can be seen on girls who want to stand out from the crowd or change their habitual appearance.

Asymmetric bean

Bob is one of the most popular haircuts with which stylists love to experiment. The asymmetric versions of the bean look very stylish. This prichka advantageously corrects too round or plump face.

Asymmetric quads

The asymmetry in the cutting of the square is achieved as a result of a difference in the length of the strands or due to a slanted bang. This method will make a strict classical haircut playful, distract attention from the imperfections of the face.

Bob-kara with lengthening

Fashionable haircut bob-kara can be diversified, if you make elongated strands only on one side. Get a very effective haircut, which will not leave you without attention.

Pixie with side locks

Pixie haircut has limitless possibilities for creative experiments. For example, you can leave elongated strands on the bangs that coquettishly cover part of the face.

Asymmetric (oblique) haircut on short hair

In the role of the basis for asymmetric haircuts on short hair can act "Short Bean", "Pixie" , as well as a combined "Pixie-Bob". In this performance they will look especially successful.

The owner of this hairstyle has the opportunity to put it every time in a new way, giving her look a refined look. In this case, slight negligence, which occurs in the form of individually penetrating strands, will look fine, and give a small amount of hair. The downside of this form is that this hairstyle is short-lived, and constantly needs care.

Medium length asymmetry

The most successful variant of asymmetrical hairstyles is obtained on medium length hair. Here you can successfully beat the habitual haircuts "Bob" and "ladder" , reformatting them into other options.

In the style of Victoria Beckham

A lot of young girls around the world followed the example of Victoria Beckham , who resuscitated the "A-shaped bean," and began walking with a short back and slanting length towards the face.

One option may be the retracted length on the crown, with a sharp transition to an elongated version. Another option may be the length of the strands to the chin on one side with a slightly noticeable transition to short locks on the other.

Asymmetric haircut on long hair

If the girl decided to make an asymmetry on her long hair, this indicates her desire for change, but does not speak about the cardinal mood, since the length of the hair remains the same. Quite popular today is the "double hairstyle". This option implies the usual length behind, and ahead of the bangs cut under the "bean".

To whom do asymmetrical haircuts fit?

On girls with an oval type of face, all types of asymmetrical haircuts will look good, but only if the features are correct.

If you are too full, this type of haircut will help to hide it a little, visually extending the face.

Focus on the bangs

To make an asymmetrical bangs can be many ways, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the shortcomings of the image. Creating such a styling should also take into account the structure of the hair. Of course, this type of hair will look great on any length, but for thin and long hair you will need more tools for styling.

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