Haircut Aurora - comfortable "guest" from the 80's

A typical Aurora is this: on the vertex, the hair is cut short, and after that the curls are further, the longer they are. As a result, around the face a magnificent cap forms, framing its contours. The cascade differs by less sharp transitions of the length of the braces.

Who will approach haircut "Aurora"

Sad news: haircut Aurora does not fit the owners of fluffy, naughty and curly hair. Although, of course, if such a girl has enough time and the desire to smooth out her locks with lacquers and mousses, you can "try on" this haircut. The main thing is to find a talented stylist who will study hair well and advise a suitable variant of this haircut. However, the shape of the Aurora will have to be maintained regularly, otherwise her grace in a very short period of time will turn into a well-known Cascade.

Haircut "Aurora" for long hair

If something can be called good, then for a long time out of fashion it will not work. Of course, our contemporaries ask a hairdresser about such a haircut much less often than girls from the 80's ... But still many ladies prefer Aurora. Moreover, it was revived with the help of various options, allowing it to be changed depending on the daily mood.

Popular haircuts of the 80s

Haircut "Aurora" on short hair

The greatest advantage of Aurora haircuts is an excellent everyday choice for busy girls and women, because it does not require daily styling. The only thing - the hair should be thin, docile, even and soft. If this condition is met - the haircut will look just perfect, even immediately after washing your head. And by the way, hair length does not play a role - they can be both short and long.

How to put a haircut "Aurora"

How can you experiment with Aurora? You can curl only one curl, ruffle or fluff your hair, comb your hair out to the side, and finally, unevenly paint with the help of melioration . Be that as it may, Aurora haircut with torn locks along the entire length is very stylish and beautiful, and if you make such a hairstyle for long hair, you will always be in the spotlight!

Who will like "Aurora"?

Lovers of rebellious, daring style. The short Aurora will tell everyone about your freedom of love, about the unwillingness to obey the generally accepted rules. And this is very like the brave men! But the elongated Aurora (length of hair - about shoulder length) except rebelliousness also speaks about romanticism in the soul of her mistress. And by the way, she perfectly "extends" the face, so that she will decorate the owners of a round or square face , which the short Aurora does not fit, because she, on the contrary, visually enlarges her face.

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