Haircut Bob: fashion options for short and medium hair

Bob is not a simple haircut, it's a trend that has not lost its relevance for more than a hundred years. Of course, depending on the trends of the fashion, hairdressers constantly make their nuances in the technique of its execution, complement the haircut with new accents depending on the form of the client's face or her individual wishes.

However, direct bean, and asymmetry, and haircut layers - this is the result of the same experiment, which decided a long time ago, the famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon . A feminine, original image, with a minimum of effort, looking flawless - that's what it did.

Graduated bean

She will decorate both wavy and straight hair. All the strands here have different lengths, which gives the hair a light and unaccustomed.

Bob - kar

These haircuts are very similar, although the techniques of their execution differ. Yes, in the classical box graduation is not applied, and in the shearing of the bean it is a very important element. But, since the haircut of the Bob-kar combined the best that is in both hairstyles, now she deservedly enjoyed enormous popularity.

You can list several types of this wonderful haircut.

Straight Bob

This strict hairstyle is done on straight (straightened) smooth hair. It looks very clear and elegant. Will not go to all, so before deciding to drastically change the image in favor of cutting a straight bean, you need to consult a hairdresser or stylist.

A multilayered bean (i.e., a bean layer)

Two other famous names for this haircut are a ladder and a cascade . In this case, the hair is cut not according to a strictly defined length, but formed by different layers. This option allows you to create a large number of cute combinations, and also - to give the hair volume with the help of uneven edges. This "wand-zashchalochka" for fine hair - they will become magnificent in appearance, tender and light. And besides, this option will appeal to the owners of very thick hair - the "steps" will make them more elegant.

This version of the haircut will successfully hide a wide forehead and cheekbones. However, the owner of the round face needs to consult with the hairdresser, whether the multilayered bean will make the face even more full. A good specialist will be able to suggest the optimal length of hair, and the required number of "steps", and also decide where they should start.

Asymmetrical bean

This original and capable of hiding the imperfections of the haircut has come into vogue recently, but still does not lose its relevance. The different length of the curls makes the image playful, refreshing it, becoming a real bait for the eyes. Hair length in this case can be different - long curls will give the owner haircuts femininity, and short - underline the swan neck. If the hair is curled - this will be another advantageous trump. To complement the haircut can bang: oblique or long on one side.

Bob with elongated locks

This is the favorite haircut of Victoria Beckham , which made a real sensation among her fans. Look at the womanly bow. This haircut looks and with smooth, straight hair, and with "stairs." The length of the curls can be different and even reach the shoulders.


In this embodiment, the length of the bang reaches the front strands. She disguises a round face shape or wide cheekbones, dropping over the oblique face. Hair ends are cut here in a straight line. At first glance, this hairstyle seems to be strict, but at the same time bright sexuality slips in it.

Bob-fungus on leg

Do you remember Mireille Mathieu? This is exactly what a haircut looks like. The bang here gently passes to the front strands, creating smooth lines. Sufficiently short, such a haircut rounds the shape of the head, which goes well to the owners of the elongated face .

Bob with a bangs

The shape of the bang can be any: oblique, straight, long, short ... The main thing is the final integrity of the image. A smooth bang will harmonize with straight hair. But with a disheveled kind of haircuts, it is better to make a torn, slanting, stepped - in general, atypical, fantasy bang.

The shape of the face will help you to choose the bangs. Is it elongated? Choose straight edges. Round? The slanting bangs. And as a whole, straight lines and symmetry will suit the owners of a good face shape. A hide imperfections (for example, a large nose) will help torn and asymmetrical haircuts : different lengths of hair, slanting bangs and prodrugs.

By the way, oblique long bangs are now at the peak of popularity. They focus on the eyes, which gives the image expressiveness and femininity.

Long Bean (Long Bob)

The length of these hairstyles is up to the shoulders. They will suit both lovers of medium length, and those girls who grow their hair. Yes, and owners of beautiful, lush hair should not neglect the long haircuts.

Bob-kara with lengthening

What does it look like? Such a haircut is a combination of long strands framing the face, and a short length behind. What does it give? The neck opens feminely, beautiful curls near the face attract glances. This haircut became especially relevant after her admirers became Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.

How to choose a bean by type of face

This image does not just adorn or add relevance. He is also able to adjust the shape of the face. "The main violin" is played with bangs and hair length. Yes, to the round face it is possible to pick up an asymmetry, for example, a long bean with locks from a chin to shoulders. To the narrow - a volumetric haircut medium length strands, with soft, straight lines, which soften the sharpness of the face, adding to it tenderness. To the outstretched face the length from a chin and above will approach. And finally, almost any bean can be picked up to the oval. All of them will look luxurious!

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