Asymmetric bean: fashion models

Photographers from the secular chronicles not so long ago began to catch celebrities, trimmed under an asymmetric bean. Well, since this haircut has become a "habitue" of glossy pages, and many of us are interested in it. In general, for several years it is at the peak of popularity, and interest in it is not falling.

With this hair style, you will always be at the center of all events. The different length of the curls can not help attracting the eyes, while refreshing your appearance. And it does not matter, your short hair will be extremely short or elongated.

In the first case, the haircut will emphasize your long aristocratic neck, and in the second - add femininity to you. And if your head of hair consists of rings and waves, this is even a plus. Excellent fit in the image and bangs.

Asymmetric bob with long bangs

Especially it is pleasant to visitors of salons a variant at which strands are cut out differently precisely near the person. The bangs, as a rule, do not do this in this case, they just let one big string from the top to the cheekbone, and the hair is removed from the back of the head to the maximum - this is how the volume is created on the top of the head. You can stack this option in many different ways.

It is also important that you do not have to worry, whether you will get such a fringe-strand - it goes to almost everyone. She hides shortcomings, but takes up to ten years from her face. Due to this asymmetrical bean often make themselves ladies of middle age.

Short asymmetrical bean

A short bean with asymmetry is an option to change life, starting with a hairstyle. Whatever type your hair is, they will always lie beautifully. The hairdress, again, rejuvenates, and besides, gives the head texture and volume.

Especially it will be loved by the owners of a square face - a slanting strand-bang will correct it. If your face is elongated, bangs make a straight line, and the bean is supplemented with a graduation - it will give a volume to the cheek zone.

Asymmetric graduated bean

A disheveled bean is already a more youthful option. Lightness, careless laying, strings of different lengths, plus a flashy color of hair dye - and you are on top. Hairstyle equally suitable for curls, curly locks and straight hair.

Asymmetric bean on medium hair

If you do not want to change your average length, leave the strands near the face long (to the shoulders), but the neck will have to be shortened. This version of the haircut will emphasize your confident nature, as well as the desire to escape from the crowd. Well, and if you wear a long bang, and your hair is curly - this haircut will especially adorn you.

Asymmetric bean with elongation

And finally, the asymmetry of long curls as an option for women who have decided to change their long hair form a little. Do you have large features? Get accustomed to the haircut especially carefully - this is your option. With such a bean you can wear any chelochku. To fight men on the spot, choose waves or curls along the entire length.

The parting can also be any - diagonal, straight, oblique ... And bored bean - you can grow your hair tomorrow.

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