Bob on wavy hair: create a romantic image

Curly hair rings - it's so beautiful! Unfortunately, in the hairdresser's, this beauty turns into a real quest. What kind of hairstyle to choose for this type of hair, to curl the curls and shape the hair?

Grooming a bob on wavy and curly hair is a very good choice. The main thing here is to trust a truly experienced hairdresser. If you "process" the hair using special technology, they will keep the styling for a long time. By the way, and in the secular chronicle, this haircut has repeatedly flashed - sometimes even performed when twisting straight hair.

Bob on curly hair: benefits

Are you red-haired, or maybe black-haired? Bob goes equally well to everyone, both blondes and brown-haired women. The only thing that should be looked at is the face shape.

For example, the owner of the round face will not go to the standard short version of the haircut - she will face to face or curls to the shoulders, or as short as possible hair.

But if you have a long nose, a curly bean in combination with a magnificent styling will distract attention from it.

Wavy bob with bangs

Girls with curls are hard to handle with a bang, so it's better not to do it at all. The exception is a long bang reaching almost to the edge of the hair. In addition, youth short-cropped (almost shaved) temples or asymmetry on the edges is also best avoided.

Make even tips - so your hair will look well-groomed, plus there will be no need for styling.

Bob-kar on wavy hair

Another trend that will decorate you - a curly bean-car. Haircut will give volume, besides, will emphasize the beauty of your curls.

If you have the correct shape of the cheekbones, you can choose a shortened version of this hairstyle (both classic shape and with uneven ends).

A long curly bean

A long bean in combination with curled hair is just chic. So if your hair and so are twisted - a sin to miss the opportunity to decorate yourself this way. Careless, soft waves, a slightly disheveled look - and no problems with styling.

Diffuser, forceps, hair curlers - with the help of these tools you can make a lot of stylish styling. Finally, do not forget about the barrettes, invisibility and rims - these tools also "know how" to change your hair.

Lay the hair a little forward, replacing the parting - and your style will be equally appropriate both in the office and on the holiday.

Mousse for hair and / or spray will help your hair stay beautiful until the evening.

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