Haircut Bob-kar: varieties, photo

Haircuts bob and quads have a number of common features, because of what they are often confused. But such confusion arose relatively recently, as a result of the experiments of stylists and hairdressers, since initially both hairdos had a clear distinction - a bean, assumed the absence of a bang, and in the square, on the contrary, it was mandatory. But such confusion only benefited women, giving the opportunity to carry out a lot of experiments and create more images, well, and stylists had to allocate these two hairstyles in one, which became known as Bob-kara.

Bobcade haircut and its advantages

The main advantage of Bob-kare is its versatility and variability - a huge number of models, allows you to choose a haircut for any female type, age, appearance, type and color of hair. And this, you will tell any stylist, quite a rare phenomenon, and very few hairstyles will, like a bob-kar, look like a perfectly straight black hair in a narrow-faced woman, and on golden curly locks of an 18-year-old round-faced!

Another significant "plus" hairstyle is naturalness. Bob-kar lines are so simple and laconic, easy and natural that they do not cause the interlocutors to possess such a hairstyle, feelings of inner irritation or some kind of perplexity. So, the woman, whose head is decorated with this haircut, will always be in the center of attention, organically fitting into the context of a strict office and a noisy party, a fashionable "acid disco" and theater, country club or restaurant.

And, at last, the third advantage of a hairstyle of a bob-kare - simplicity of daily stacking. To do this, it is enough to have a hair dryer, a brush and any styling product - mousse, gel or wax. Two or three strokes of the hand, and the head looks, as they say, "one hundred percent", and the hairstyle keeps its shape for the whole day.

By the way, if you are not a fan of frequent beauty salon visits, then Bob-kara will be just ideal for you - the haircut keeps the shape well and looks extremely stylish, both on short hair and on medium-length strings.

Varieties of Bob-Kara

The haircut of Bob-kar, which has clear, well-defined contours is the most canonical and strict model. It looks best on perfectly straight, silky smooth strands of juicy dark shade. This kind of haircut does not have a graduation, "which is probably why it does not fit every woman, despite the extreme elegance and femininity.

A softer, free form of Bob-kar, characterized by soft, smooth lines, will emphasize the hard rectangular oval of the face, softening the excessively sharp lines and excessively broad cheekbones. The hairstyle is suitable for many women, and it looks good in different color variations.

Bob-kar on the leg

Bob-kar "on the leg" with an open neck and elongated front pricks, gives the nape and top of the head, so the hair style is ideal for women with thin hair. But, pay attention, the cut-off leg "with a toe", practically descending to "no", completely bares the neck line, visually extending it, so this hair style will suit only those women whose neck and shoulder lines are brittle and graceful. If the back of the head is excessively massive or the neck is too short, this variation of the bean-car will look absolutely unaesthetic, emphasizing the obvious and creating additional shortcomings.

Additional "plus" haircuts - variability. Experienced stylist, with an eye for the type, complexion and features of his client's face, will be able to pick up that version of the hairstyle that will turn the flaws of the exterior into dignities or skillfully hide them.

Multilayer Bob-kar

For stylish, modern women, who are always in the center of attention, a grandson-style beanbag will do - an artistic mess with elements of deliberate negligence. Often such a hairstyle is called a ladder or a cascade, because the pruning is not cut to the same length, but, as if by layers, where each next layer is slightly longer than the previous one. This multi-layer Bob-kar is the best solution for weak, fine hair, as the haircut will give them the necessary splendor and volume, airiness and ultimate tenderness. But thick, thick hair, trimmed in this way, will look softer and feminine.

Graduated Bob-Kare

The task of graded multilayer quads is to hide the excessively wide cheekbones and forehead, but women with a round face should abandon the short version of this haircut, and prefer its long version, otherwise, the haircut will add extra massiveness to an already large face.

Bob-kara with elongated locks

Very popular now is the haircut of Bob-kara, supplemented with long strands on the sides and a short back of the head. Delicately long locks, both graduated and absolutely straight, effectively frame the face, making it extremely feminine at the expense of an open, touchingly defenseless neck, as if created for a kiss. In contrast to the classic hairstyle "on the leg," in such a haircut, there may not be a toe, which makes the transition smoother and more elegant.

Asymmetric Bob-Kara

Another trend model of a well-known haircut is an asymmetrical Bob-kar, which came into vogue only recently, but became during the last two seasons "hairdo number 1". This haircut has a lot of advantages, moreover, originality is not the most important thing.

Asymmetric lines distract the attention of others from possible, and most often, flawed woman, flaws, and besides, strands of different length make her image as playful, slightly windy, and insanely charming! A woman with such a hairstyle always looks much younger than her years and more provocative - she is open to the world, and he just lies at her feet!

By the way, asymmetrical Bob-kare with graphically precise contours requires a stylist of experience and skill, so if you decide on such a hairstyle, do it only in a good salon, otherwise the effect can be absolutely unpredictable! You also need to understand that the head with such a haircut should always look well-groomed, and the strands - ideally smooth (you may need to use a special iron).

Bob-kara, complemented by a cheloveka

Despite the fact that the original Bob-kar was created without a bang, it turned out that it perfectly complements any kind of this haircut, of course, if it is properly chosen. For example, a bean-car with clear, even strands fits well with the same even straight bangs. Bob with a multi-layered texture is superbly complemented by an oblique, graded or frankly torn bang.

But, do not forget about the oval face, the figure of cheekbones, the features of appearance, because women with a long face, do not fit an excessively short chelochka, and without that, increasing the forehead, they should pay attention to the hair with straight, even edges. But round-faced people are more suited asymmetric bangs, which "hide" unnecessarily rounded and massive cheeks.

Of course, this is far from being all examples - it's possible to talk endlessly on the subject of Bob-kara, but most importantly, you probably already understood it yourself, and if not, the experienced master will certainly tell you what kind of haircuts will be perfect for your face.

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