Long haircut

If ten girls ask how the bob hair looks, eight of them will describe a short haircut. And meanwhile, such a haircut can be performed and for medium length, and even for long strands - and the most fashionable can be called the last hair.

Haircut bob on long hair will suit everyone who does not want to part with their hair, but wants a change in the image. There are a lot of variants of this kind. That's why a long bob (Long bob or American Lob) is one of the most popular hairstyles on the red carpet of Hollywood. The master can introduce texturedness, asymmetry, clarity, elongation into a long bean ...

Long bean with an angle

Unusually, the bean looks like an angle, which is formed by shortened strands from behind and elongated - in front. Depending on the type of your face, this angle can be as barely noticeable, and very sharply outlined.

Graduated long bean

The option with graduation is almost a cascade to the very ends. He will add to the hair splendor - which is very like the owner of thin and rare hair.

Long bean with asymmetry

A girl with straight hair is perfect for asymmetry. In the salon the master will make you an oblique parting, thus dividing the head into two parts: on the one hand, he will cut the strands shorter than the other. To add such a hairstyle to the gloss, use the means for straightening the hair - let's say ironing.

"Ragged" locks

Or you can do the opposite on the contrary, "ordering" in the cabin ragged strands. Styling this hairstyle will not have to, and besides, you will become very visible, and even a little rebel.

Long bean with bangs

Felt any elongated bean - smooth and slanting, thick and thin (the bob is meant for straight hair - curly-haired girls should not do a bang, well, or prepare to constantly "iron" it). The most fashionable at the moment is a long bang (touching the eyebrows) of a rather massive plan.

To which person is this haircut the most appropriate? To the oval (if the hair is magnificent and smooth), as well as round and square (but without additional volume). And by the way, this bob perfectly "pulls" the neck, so if it seems to you that your neck is short, this hairdo can be a godsend for you. Well, in order to "encrypt" too bulging cheekbones, a few strands of hair can be put on your face, plus emphasis on the beveled chelochke.

Bob on long hair perfectly combines with coloring - for example, coloring in two shades, preferably a warm range. And besides beauty, this painting also complements the volume.

Styling the long bean

1. Going to work. Treat wet hair with mousse, and when drying, lift them near the head. When stacking your hair, twist the tips inside. Simply, clearly - but as elegantly, even on a holiday go!

2. We go on a date. You will face curls! Wash your head, dry your hair, using the same mousse, and then wind each strand on the curlers. And to accelerate this process, you can take a special elektroschiptsy.

3. We go to the club. Where, how not at the party, would be appropriate styling in the style of "wet" hair? After washing your hair and drying it with a towel, apply a gel, and then you can dry them with a hair dryer. It is advisable to choose a device with a diffuser, which you will walk around your head, massaging your hair. At the end, fix the resulting careless beauty of the varnish.

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