Fashionable haircut bean 2017 - 2018: popular options

Love the secular chronicle? Do you often see the reports from the red carpet? Surely you might have noticed that many Hollywood beauties choose for themselves the bean's hair. And they do it right: this haircut is universal, as it fits most women. So do not be surprised that this year's most fashionable haircut - Bob (2018-year gravitates to convenience and versatility).

Maybe other haircuts and drive their mistresses in certain frames - Bob offers a huge number of options. It can be textured, short or long, clear and asymmetric ... This is the key to the popularity of haircuts - it can vary for each head. But on the other hand, the multifaceted hairstyle makes the choice of its form complex. Do you want to shine trend hair? Consult with the stylist!

Long bean + balage

Bob's shoulder length is often combined with the fashionable coloring of the balayage. This image will be one of the most popular in the coming season. For the evening image, decorate the strands in barely noticeable waves and create a volume.

Long bob + long oblique fringe

The stylists recommend a long bang today to trim the cascade and lay on its side. Such a haircut will serve as a stylish addition to any model of haircuts.

Bob + bangs on both sides

This fashionable hairstyle will add the image of femininity, correct facial features and hide small wrinkles.

Mirror smoothness

Perfectly smooth, sleek hairstyles return to fashion this season. You should pay attention to health curls, they must shine! The contour of the hairstyle is emphasized by torn tips and a long oblique fringe.

Fashionable Long Bob - 2018

It can be seen from Jennifer Anniston or Gwyneth Paltrow. Long Bob (or LOB) - a haircut from straight hair. However, in 2018, the front strands of the hairstyle reach the collarbone, and in the laying there is a slight waviness.

Soft waves

To create the effect of fashion waves, you will need a round brush, hair dryer and mousse for volume. However, you can use small forceps for curling.

Fashionable wave-bob - 2018

Wave - bob (or Wob) - so called stylists one of the most fashionable trends in haircuts. This technique is often used today by the stars on the red carpet. Delicate curls look always very feminine, romantic and relevant to any one along.

If your hair is very curly, and you do not want to dry it with iron, wave-bob is the perfect solution. This hairstyle consists of several levels (the effect of three-dimensionality). The problem of the hairdresser when creating a hairstyle: remove the bulk at the ends.

Fashionable bean - 2018: elongated torn strands

Naturalness in the hairstyle is the main accent in the fashionable season 2018. Long strands knocking out of the overall volume create an effect of light negligence on the head and does not require a long laying. It is very stylish to look like this haircut with colored strands.

Bob with lengthening front

If you have short hair, but want to emphasize femininity, then the long strands in front will be the best option. This performance will make your image unique, adding a little creative. Haircuts of such a plan are very practical, do not require long laying

Bob-kare "on the leg" - 2018

This is another interesting model of cutting a bean for creative young girls - the hairstyle line rises slightly, demonstrating the gentle lines of the long neck, but the neck is still not visible.

The accent of the hairstyle is the front, slightly elongated strands, which fall just below the back. Also very impressive look models, where the line of the head looms (sometimes, it can even shave almost to its half), and the front strands create a sharp contrast with the back (sometimes they reach even the level of the shoulders).

Bob with a shaven temple

This variant of a hairstyle today at the peak of popularity among young girls. To add a creative, draw a picture on the temple and make the coloring of the dowels with ultramodern shades.

Fashionable bean - 2018: uneven layered bangs

Another fashion trend, which literally swept the podiums - a long bean with a carelessly cut bangs.

Such a bang can not be laid, than slovenly it looks, so your hairstyle is more fashionable.

Fashionable asymmetrical bean - 2018

Such a haircut will decorate straight hair. They will look like this: an oblique parting, on one side the hair is trimmed longer, on the other - shorter. Stacking in this case can be done with the help of ironing, because asymmetry looks most advantageous on straightened or straight from nature hair.

Bulky textured beagle bob 2018

Careless bulk laying - at the peak of the fashion season. It is created on the basis of a multilevel haircut, in several layers. Its ideal length is up to the chin.

But "in its pure form," such a bean looks simple - but if you use special tools (powder for hair or a dry spray, creating volume, ironing for the tips of hair ...), the hair will be really chic.

Graduated bean

A good solution for lovers of bangs. And, in addition, this hairstyle is well suited to the owners of fine hair (in this case, the bean can be combined with melirovaniem). And do not forget to create a volume at the roots (make a simple fleece, or use a hair dryer and a round brush). And that the melted strands looked more attractive, focus on them with a gel or wax.

Short bean with long bangs

Short haircuts with a long bangs - an excellent solution in order to highlight all the dignity of the face, and the disadvantages - to hide. And yet this hair style visually adds to the hair volume. And the most important point: this haircut is suitable not only for girls with straight hair, but also for women wavy curls and even curls. Look through the fashion magazine: you are sure to stumble upon a celebrity with a short bean haircut. And it will look stunning!

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