Women's haircut half-box

Modern stylists live very hard: every representative of youth (and not only) wants to look original, which means that you need a lot of haircuts, not just stylish, but different. Thanks to this, some haircuts migrated to the female "arsenal" of the male, and one of such bold decisions - a female haircut half-box.

Choose her mostly prominent hooligans, as well as free artists who are not afraid to declare themselves in any way. On the guys, the haircut looks very manly - but on the head of a young lady, she will only emphasize her femininity.

Women's haircut half-box: features

It is created by means of a smooth transition of the most shortened strings on the sides and on the back of the neck to the elongated ones on the crown. More often the contrast of length is quite noticeable: about 4 mm (rarely 5 cm) from below, and from 5 to 8 cm at the top.

This haircut is also successful in that it can be done in different ways. For example, there is a short semi-box - an excellent option for miniature, skinny girls. If you can boast of luxurious forms, it is better to "try on" an elongated haircut

Among the advantages of women's half-box:

- speed of laying,

- Creation of volume on any hair (even rare, thin and "killed" - most often the volume is achieved by cutting out the top strings with feathers),

- universality.

Semi-box with elongation

Basically on girls it is possible to see such hairstyle: the elongated top, and a nape and whiskey almost completely bared. This option allows you to stack the top in different ways, changing your style even every day.

Half-box with bangs

Sometimes a hairstyle is complemented by a fashionable elongated bang with asymmetry. This will not only attract a lot of looks to the owner of the haircut, but also the face oval will successfully "camouflage".

Finally, do not forget about the fantasy coloring.

Who is suitable for women's haircut half-box

Who can afford such a haircut? First of all, the young ladies, who used to wear short haircuts, and they went to them.

Deciding on poluboks can any girl, even the owner of a round face. In the latter case, the luxuriant top lengthens the face, making it already. True, girls with an extended face often refuse such a haircut - it's even more pulling it! However, this problem is easily solved by a long bang, "erasing" almost the entire forehead.

The most important thing is that the hair type when choosing is not important - you can get a haircut under the half-box as a girl with straight hair, and curly hair. Although, of course, if nature "curled" your locks very much, it will be difficult to style this hairstyle.

Variants of styling half-box for women

Option 1. Having treated each strand with foam or mousse, remove the front strands back. Get a strict image, which is suitable for the office, and to enter the theater.

Option 2. Create a fleece from the roots to the middle of the front strings. So the hair can be laid in a mohawk - an excellent choice for a rock concert.

Option 3. Remove these strands to the side, fixing with a strong varnish. This bow is good for work or everyday work.

Variant 4. Create waves or light curls in an elongated hair (a styler or a curling iron will help), rub a wax drop in your hands, and these hands "whip" your hair. The basis for a romantic bow will be obtained.

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