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Stylish haircuts for brunettes

Men subconsciously perceive dark-haired women, both more severe and serious than blonde dolls, but this is a deceptive impression. In fact, these beauties often have a burning and passionate temperament, which is outwardly emphasized by expressive and vivid features.

Many brunettes have a rather exotic appearance for our latitudes - their velvety dark skin and dark eyes, beautifully outlined by black eyebrows, almost do not need make-up, but a stylish hairstyle is still necessary. It can be done by an experienced stylist, taking into account the type of brunette, the shape of the skull and the features of the face, the height and weight, the shade and the structure of the hair, when choosing a haircut , turning a woman into a spectacular, catchy beauty.

Popular haircuts for brunettes

Dark hair color is today in a trend, so the haircuts for brunettes are extremely diverse and are designed for different lengths of hair. But, by the way, brunettes, like any other women, go short stylish haircuts , both in modern and retro style .

Classic haircuts for brunettes

Let's start with one of the most common types of short haircuts - haircut bob (we often call it "under the boy"), created in the first half of the 50-ies of the last century. On the basis of a bean, hairdressers have developed a huge number of styling and hairstyles, which include Bob-kar, pixie , " legged " leg , hanson and so on.

Multilayer bean

The haircut was adored by Madam Coco Chanel, Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn - women who became the symbol of an era. The advantage of a bean is that it is absolutely simply transformed into a classic square, for the creation of which it is enough just to grow a bang.

Bob helps create an image of a very elegant, stylish, but at the same time, fragile and feminine lady, well, besides, the haircut is extremely practical and can be varied by a wide variety of styling, curling, stranded strands (note, this shape gives a smooth, wavy, curly , and most importantly, even overgrown hair).

Flawless square

Kare - it's more than a haircut, it's an eternal classic base that will never go out of fashion. The appearance of quads is due to the ancient Egyptians, and the most famous ladies who wore such a hair were the eminent Egyptian queens - the beautiful Nefertiti and the famous Cleopatra.

To create a square, the hair must be cut into a straight straight line at the height of the earlobe and form the same smooth bang, ending just above the eyebrows. Naturally, today not so strict requirements are imposed on the square, so stylists can recommend such haircuts for brunettes as elongated and graduated quads, square with asymmetrical and thinned bangs, etc., created on the basis of this basis.

Haircut "Sassoon" for brunettes

The advantage of "sessun" hair cutting is its striking elegance and graceful hairstyle, and this effect is created only by the simplicity of the haircut itself. It also creates the illusion of thick hair, weighting them visually, because only absolutely straight hair is taken as a basis. In addition, the haircut is universal and suitable for a woman, regardless of the face oval or the shape of the head.

Short haircuts for brunettes: bubbly "pixie"

Haircut "pixy" suits lean brunettes, because she creates the image of a provocative tomboy, returning to her owner the charm of youth and maiden charm and, among other things, it is suitable for young ladies and older women.

Asymmetric haircuts for brunettes

Popular and stylish are still haircuts with an asymmetrical or smooth, elongated cheek with chaotically laid short hair. Such a mischievous image at one time wore Hollywood actress Sharon Stone and Alice Milano, creating a charming deliberate carelessness is very bright, youthful image. But for office work, strands can be laid in a smooth short hairstyle, which this season could be seen in many collections of leading designers and international hairdressing art shows.

Haircuts for brunettes with torn strands

Ragged strands look very stylish on dark hair. They allow you to create a volumetric hairstyle, give the image of courage and confidence.

Haircuts for brunettes for long hair

Long dark hair is well combined with a straight bang to the eyebrows. Cutting the ladder and cascade will emphasize the beauty of smooth shiny curls. If the hair is dull and not too thick, it is better to give preference to multi-layer haircuts "Aurora", "wolf", "Italian".

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