Haircut Debut

"Debut" is a universal hairstyle that will suit any girl, regardless of age, shape of face, texture and length of hair.

Making a haircut The debut, the master applies the method of applying strands to each other, resulting in a hairstyle that acquires a stepped shape. Then the hair is milled, especially in the face area.

A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that near the face it is formed in the form of an arc.

"Debut" fits well to any length of hair, but it's especially beautiful that this haircut looks on medium length hair.

Haircut Debut: Benefits

The "Debut" haircut, thanks to its simple form, has no age restrictions - it will suit both a young girl and an adult woman.

Does not matter and the density of hair. Thanks to the stepped form of haircuts, thin hair will get the missing volume, and thick - will look more accurate, as excess volume will remove and the hair will cease to become tangled.

"Debut", fully justifying the name of a universal hairstyle, looks great on curly and curly hair. We can say that such a haircut is simply recommended for wavy hair - because it allows you to lay curls more neatly and beautifully.

Based on the haircut "Debut", lovers of experimenting, can create a lot of options for evening or everyday hairstyles. And the longer the hair - the more opportunities.

For this hairstyle fringe of any shape , recommended length - up to the line of eyebrows and slightly thinned.


For daily styling a lot of time is not needed. By and large, the styling will not be required, since the hairdo is good even without it. All you need is to shape with a round brush and a hair dryer.

With a stylish styling, you need to stretch your hair with iron. Straight hair will look beautiful and natural. To give creativity, the lateral strands can be directed forward and fixed with gel.

For a romantic styling "Debut" should be during the drying of hair, while lifting them from the roots. Then, to give the hair more volume, they need to be twisted on curlers . In conclusion, all the styling is fixed with varnish.


Hairstyle "Debut" will hide the shortcomings of the shape of the face . Falling strands and a slanting bang will hide part of a round or large angular face, not focusing attention on these shortcomings.

With an elongated face shape , such a haircut, supplemented with a straight bang reaching the eyebrows, will help visually shorten the face a little.

For girls with an oval face shape , the haircut "Debut" in combination with any form of bangs will do. This hairstyle, without drawing attention to the shape of the face, highlights all the beautiful features and emphasizes the eyes and smile.

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