Short haircuts with a long bangs

It is interesting, but true: the modern youth (and not only) is getting shorter every year. And thus the bangs are made all is longer. Still: they can remove from sight a lack of face, and beautiful features on the contrary, it is advantageous to slightly open. And besides, haircuts of this kind are still young.

Models of long bangs with short hair

It is performed torn, layered, smooth or with light waves. Its length can either touch the cheekbones, or go below the line of the chin. Thanks to this "diversity" haircuts with a long bang on short hair are suitable for any person and fashionable style.

An elongated cheek with asymmetry creates a striking contrast on the head of its wearer, while slightly changing the overall shape of the haircut.

The slanting cheek visually softens the unnecessarily "boyish" image, or the sloppy cheekbones, chin. This is the choice of girls who dream of femininity.

Ragged bangs wipe the transition from bangs to the rest of the "mane." It is often chosen by girls and ladies with a round, square face.

Short haircuts with a long bang: options

With what haircuts they like to combine an elongated cheek with modern women of fashion?


Especially successful is the image with an asymmetrical bang. If you have noticeable eyes and a moving, expressive face - you will be perfect. However, even if you are unhappy with certain features of your face, the "camouflaging" abilities of such a bang will be very useful to you.

Kara, Bob-kar, Ganson

There are so many beauties and skilled craftsmen, so many variations of the combination of such haircuts with an elongated bangs can be seen on the streets. It can be a short cascade, a geometric-clear bean, a square graded, textured, creative. In this case, the girl's hair can be either straight or wavy.

Short nape + long bangs

Haircuts with the most shortened or shaved nape. Why, they would not mix with the trend bangs! Both these decisions are the hottest hairdresser's "mast hev" this year.

Important point: the bangs in this image is only meant to be smooth. Disobedient hair is recommended to pacify with an iron and pick up a little on one side, or put it forward.

How to style short haircuts with a long bangs

But of course, it's not enough just to get a haircut, and then just a month to wash your hair and blow it dry. To look expensive, you need to constantly care for your hair, using make-up cosmetics (from properly selected shampoo to professional masks).

Do not want to wear a smooth bangs? Ruminated or textured elongated versions are also considered topical. They are very young people, as they stylize the image in the direction of popular rock music, or the grunge style adored by women of fashion.

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