Women's haircuts for long hair

Since ancient times, long hair was considered one of the main virtues of a woman. They will never cease to be fashionable. That's why there is an increasing number of haircuts for long hair.

A scallop - a haircut on beautiful long hair

Such a haircut is a "step" and is able to give the image more youth and grandeur. The scallop will make the hair more bulky. With regard to styling, then for this hairstyle there is an incredible number of options. With the help of simple means for styling and conventional curling hair can be curled inside and out. Hair curled outward, can give any image a little coquetry. For a hike to the evening event, the hair can be gathered in a neat bundle, leaving curls in front of you.

The most important advantage of a haircut on a long hair is that it is not difficult to hide any lack of hair. If, for example, hair from nature is too thin and rare, then such a haircut and styling with the help of hair curlers can give them an unrivaled volume.

Cascade for long hair

Grooming cascades on long hair, of course, is one of the basic haircuts. It will look great on hair of any type, especially - a little curly. Cascade on long healthy hair allows you to make almost any desired styling.

Haircut "Fox's tail"

This original haircut looks very beautiful on the owners of long hair. The fringing of the hair in the form of a triangle is reminiscent of the back of the lush tail of a fox, which leaves the crowd of fans of the opposite sex not indifferent.

Ragged hair cuts on long hair

To one of the most popular and rated haircuts to date are hairstyles of a ragged type . They amaze with their modernity and style in all aspects. However, such a haircut can look great only on lush hair - thin and rare will become even poorer with such a haircut. If the hair is combed on the right or left side, and also make the tips more vivid, then you can easily get a stylish image. Also a good result can be achieved thanks to this option: thin ragged strands, painted in bright colors, against a background of thick darker hair. Unrivaled haircuts for medium hair do not differ much from haircuts for long hair. Almost every haircut for medium hair will look more harmoniously with the bangs.

Haircut "Debut"

In the haircut, the debut on long strands overlap each other, creating a beautiful volume. The hair around the face is shaped like an arc. The hairstyle always looks neat and does not get tangled.

Haircut "Italian" for long hair

This haircut came to us in fashion in the 80's and today does not give up its position. The second name of the haircut is "Aurora". It is cut with thin feathers, which are superimposed on each other by layers.

Slanting asymmetric haircut for long hair

The basis for almost any asymmetrical haircut is a well-formed slanting bangs. This bang of elongated versions is surprisingly popular today - it can give almost any haircut a few versatility. Slanting fringe is the best option for long and beautiful hair and is suitable for almost everyone, however, requires special care and attention.

Haircuts with a bang for long hair

A straight fringe will always look good with straight silky hair. If the bangs are thick, then almost always it is left to the eyebrows. Also today, very popular is the somewhat elongated bang below the eyebrows.

Long haircuts for fine hair

Such haircuts can give more volume to hair, and the image as a whole - lightness. For this type of hair, stair steps and cascades are used. During the laying of such a haircut, you can lift the hair directly at the roots or curl, which will give a delightful volume.

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