Haircut "hedgehog" for women

Not so long ago, our streets were filled with long-blessed goddesses - but suddenly we began to notice that young girls are increasingly cut as short as possible. Seeing how stylish and comfortable, and many adult women are interested in "mini" haircuts. Among the trends this year - haircut hedgehog.

Important: the minimum length of hair does not hide anything! Hairstyle emphasizes the proportions of the face, the shape of the head, neck - so that it is worth doing only to the ladies, fully confident in their attractiveness. You will change beyond recognition!

Who will do the hedgehog haircut?

In order not to get a "boyish" image, do not ignore your physique. Stylists advise this hairstyle thin, fragile lady. Growth in this role does not play.

Although at first glance it looks strictly, it can be performed in different ways. It all depends on your mood and the talent of the master.

Classic "hedgehog" for women

The entire volume of hair is cut equally. The hairdresser works with scissors or a typewriter. In this case, the length is left different (both almost at zero and with noticeable strands). Sometimes the whiskey and the back of the head are different from the rest of the "shock" of hair - for example, they are completely removed, or vice versa, they are made a little longer.

To have less "work" with the styling, the haircut is performed by cutting the tips at an angle, against the growth of the hair.

Haircut "under the hedgehog" with a feminine accent

On the temples and the back of the head, the hair is removed as short as possible, but on the crown of the head, about 7 centimeters are left. A long bang with a graduation is formed over the face.

Important! Such a haircut will fit well only on straight, stiff hairs (if the hairs are thin, the hairdress will "stratify" into separate strands and will not hold). Owners curls better to get a haircut in a different way.

This option is best for a round, oval and triangular face. The "square" it makes heavier, not putting out the best light.

Haircut hedgehog: fashionable styling

Haircut can be laid in many ways, and very avant-garde. You can decorate your hair with needles, applying mousse wax or gel to your wet strings and ruffling your hair, lifting each strand slightly.

It will be nice to look at you and smooth styling. Treat the hair with mousse (gel), comb, brushing back every hair. That's all! This image is suitable for both office and theater entrance - in the latter case, add it with long or bulky shiny earrings.

You can completely abandon the styling. Wash, dry your head, slightly untangled hair.

Haircut "hedgehog": a game with color

The minimum length of hair allows you to wear a "native" shade of hair, or change it at least every three months.

Very worthy haircut hedgehog looks on dark hair. Evenly dyed hair makes your image clear and strict, very business-like. If you are young and want to play pranks, ask the master to color a few strands.

How often do I need to fix this haircut in the hair salon? Not less than once in 4, and even in 3 weeks.

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