Haircut Foxy tail

You do not have to have red hair to wear this hairstyle! Haircut fox tail is suitable for girls and women who like the volume on the head, but the edging in a semicircle or with a straight cut is already boring.

Doing this hairstyle, the hairdresser on the bottom edge performs an interesting fringing in the form of a triangle, which resembles the tail of the most cunning animal in the world. Do not want to get a haircut so you do not lose your carefully retracted length? In this haircut, the length is not lost, only the strands on the sides of the face are made slightly shorter.

Variations of haircut "Fox's tail"

The owner of a heavy and thick mane can make a tail with a cascade - this will add a hairstyle of volume and lightness. The technique is simple: the control strand is made on the vertex, and the rest of the hair is cut along its length (with the maximum tension upward). And voila: rear hair is longer, and the locks near the face, on top and on the crown, are shorter. The final chord is the edging that makes the back of the hair look like a triangle.

"Fox Cascade"

"Fox Cascade" like girls with long and medium hair - but in the second case it will still look more spectacular. It turns out such a hairstyle chameleon, the top and front looking very lush, and behind - refined and a bit unexpected.

The owner of long hair is better to make a bet not on the cascade, but on the ladder, adding to it the fringing in the form of a triangle. Do you have thick hair? Decorate them with the thinning of the ends and graduation. As for fine hair, they are more suited to a clearly outlined edge - it will make the hairstyle visually lush.

"Fox's ladder"

The basic "fox stair" is done as follows: the strands are cut back from the face with elongation, after which the back is formed into the tip-tail. The triangle can be made smooth or more sharp - it depends on the length of the braces and the desire of their mistress.

Who should pay attention to this haircut in the first place?

Girls with hair, the length of which runs just below the shoulders. Best if the mane ends below the shoulder blades. From the front, this hairdo can begin to form at the shoulder level, and from behind the tail can end at the waist.

"Fox's tail" on straight smooth hair

The most "expensive" (seemingly) variant of such a haircut is a fox-tail on straight hair, under which the fashionable triangle is best displayed.

As already mentioned above, girls with heavy hair should combine the tail with a cascade shape and graduation at the tips. Owners of fine hair will go more stairs, the equal edge of which goes into a triangle (it is possible to thin the ends).

"Fox's tail" on curly hair

Even on slightly curling ringlets, you can make a haircut. Well, if your hair resembles Sue's curly hair, a stylish tail will not suit you - it just will not be visible among the curls.

You can combine a haircut with a bang, or abandon this "decoration". You can make any length of front strings - pick up on the shape of your face.

Laying the haircut "Fox's tail"

You can stack your tail in many ways. The easiest way is simply to dissolve the hair, stretching them with iron, or by making light waves.

Not bad will look and twisted the tips - and it does not matter in which direction they will stick out, out or inside.

Hair color for haircut "Foxy tail"

Together with the change of haircuts you want and repainted? With a fox tail, red is associated primarily - but the new hair color for yourself should be selected not by name, but by your own color.

In general, "chanterelles" are more suitable than others:

- golden tones,

- honey, red and copper (by itself!),

- Fashionable pink gold,

- Chocolate and chestnut shades (brunettes),

- wheat halftone and caramel (blondes).

Do not want to repaint your mane completely - you can make a sombre or an ombre. In addition, you will be approached with bronning, coloring, gradients (in golden halftones). Finally, you can touch the ends themselves - this technique is called balaž.

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