French haircut: options, photo, styling

The famous French haircut is very popular all over the world for more than forty years. It can be worn by women of all age categories, and at the same time it will not lose its relevance. Such a haircut can afford and a business lady, and an eccentric girl. In any case, it will play its role.

The main feature of the French haircut is the volume on the occipital part and the crown. A bang is an integral part of it. The form of the bang can be short, long, even and asymmetrical.

Such a haircut is performed on the technique of "Strand on strand", solely on wet hair, due to which the desired shape is achieved. At the final stage, the ends and bangs are facilitated with the help of a thinning. Thanks to this method, the hair becomes more docile, keeps in shape and does not require special styling.

Types of French haircuts

French haircut is so popular that it can be found in all sorts of variations. It can differ in bangs, length of hair and way of laying so much that it is easily confused with another haircut. However, the technique of execution remains unchanged.

1. The French cascade

One of the most popular haircuts is the French cascade. It is performed on long or medium hair and with a long bang. Thanks to it you can hide the small flaws of the damaged ends of the hair and visually round the face.

Haircut "Cascade": options, photo

2. French bean

French bean is performed on both short hair and medium length hair. It can be supplemented with a long or short bang.

Coloring or coloring will make the image brighter and more saturated. Many prefer a haircut with a shortened back of the head.

Haircut bob: options, photo

3. French short haircut

Such a haircut is quite common among modern women of fashion. It does not require special care and it is easy to lay.

A short haircut on French technology makes the image more feminine and refined.

Fashionable short haircuts for women

French haircutting

There are several basic methods of laying:

1. Dry hair is laid with the hands and gel (or foam). Applying styling in the palm of his hand, it is evenly distributed along the entire length, then ruffled in the direction of the face.

2. A classical variant of stacking is carried out with the help of a hair dryer and a comb-brush. Hair extends from the crown, lying in the shape of a cap.

3. Styling is carried out with the help of comb and varnish. The hair, divided by a parting into two parts, fits to the face, and the bangs are combed, and lie down in the opposite direction.

French Haircut: Pros and Cons

The obvious advantage of this haircut is that it is performed on dense, straight, curly, heavy and unruly hair. She is able to make the image of a woman more expressive, emphasizing her natural beauty.

But even such a haircut has its contra-indications. Stylists do not recommend a French hairstyle to owners of fine hair , since the subsequent thinning will make hair even rarer. Also, it is contraindicated for women with a large neck and wide cheekbones.

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