Gurson's haircut: options, photo, styling

Grooming "Garzon", which in French means "boy", is quite popular among modern women of fashion. Despite the fact that it is of male origin, it perfectly suits both young girls and adult women.

Famous actresses are a pretty vivid example. Its versatility allows you to lay your hair in a classic style, and if necessary make a trendy styling.

However, do not confuse the haircut "Garson" with a haircut "Pixie" . They are similar to each other. The difference is only in the technique of haircuts, respectively, and in the result. "Garson" is performed in a smooth cut. In "Pixie" creative techniques of a hairstyle are applied.

The main part of the "Garzone" is performed by classical scissors. Upon completion of the work, the occipital part, whiskey and bangs are milled. Thanks to such techniques, the hair falls more smoothly, repeating the shape of the head.

How to determine if "Garzon" is suitable for the type of person

Thanks to this haircut, you can emphasize the smooth lines of the neck and make it accent. This fact should be taken into account before making a haircut. Most relevant it will be for those whose face has an oval shape and the right features. Thanks to a bang to wear such a hairstyle can girls with a high forehead line.

Before deciding on this haircut, you should also pay attention to the type of hair . Despite its versatility, stylists do not advise to perform "Garzon" on curly hair, since the effect will be far from desired.

The undoubted advantage of modern haircuts is bangs. Due to the variety of its performance, you can give an image of a special charm and achieve the desired visual effect. More precisely, hide flaws or emphasize virtues.

In addition, if desired, you can easily change the haircut, changing only the shape of the bangs , which is the main weapon of the stylist. For owners of "Garzona" will be relevant straight, oblique, asymmetrical, short and long bangs.

Haircut Garzon with a long bangs

Haircut with oblique bangs will suit girls with a square, oval and round face . Asymmetric short bangs will give the hair a little creative and make the small features more expressive.

Long bangs on the contrary, visually reduce large features and hide the high forehead line. A straight short bang will look great for girls with a narrow or oval face and a low forehead.

Stacking for Garzon

An ideal option for styling such a haircut would be a slight mess. It can be made with foam and a hair dryer. You can also use wax for styling. If it is applied to the hands and evenly distributed over the hair, without using a comb, you can get a fashionable and modern styling in 5 minutes, and without much effort.

Fans of the classics can use the gel. It is only necessary to apply it to the hair and smoothly comb it back. And such accessories as a bezel with a bow, will give a note of romanticism.

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