Haircut Gavroche

Haircut Gavroche

Haircuts in retro style never lose its relevance. Varied their everyday appearance, while remaining within the declared style, you can use a haircut Gavroche. It is interesting that this hairstyle was originally male, and later became popular in the female masses.

Gavrosh haircut provides for short strands on the crown and long pointed spikes. In the lower part of the nape, the length of the hair slightly increases. In different periods, the haircut was slightly modified. For example, in the 1950s the vertex was more voluminous, and in the 70s the emphasis was on the naturalness of the forms.

Hairdressers very often resort to a razor, which helps to create ragged strands, which looks very stylish. This technique allowed the haircut not to lose popularity at different time intervals.

Who is suitable for haircut Gavroche

This haircut looks great on straight hair. In this case, the front of the hair is cut short, but the length remains behind. In the temporal zone, the hair is cut so that a triangle remains. After that, the hair is milled. This method is mandatory for thick hair . It helps to remove excessive density and reduce volume. After that, the hair becomes more docile, and you will not have problems with styling.

Haircut Gavrosh very well complements bangs. The shape of the bangs can be torn and slightly pruned, but they look good and asymmetrical and elongate.

Gavroche is a universal hairstyle, so it is very suitable for all types of face. So, changing the bangs or length of hair, you have a great option to modernize this haircut. You can also touch the side strands.

As for the color of hair, here you have absolute infinity. Looks good on Gavrosh hair , but a secondary shade should be selected with regard to the main color of hair.

How to style a haircut Gavroche

Everyday care is reduced to simple laying, which takes a minimum of time. Use a hairdryer and a round brush for this. You can take a little money for styling. Depending on your mood, you can add volume from the roots. Thanks to the shape of the haircut, you have the opportunity to modify it. It can be styling in a business style, or everyday, for every day. Having made a start in the bob, you can build an evening hairstyle, which will only be lightly fixed with varnish.

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