Women's haircut "under the pot"

Since this progressive haircut is very catchy, it is worn by mostly self-confident, brave women. But of course, to become an icon of the modern style, and not an unnamed copy of the hero "Evening on a Farm near Dikanka", you need to choose the right stylist ...

Having decided on a haircut "under the pot", you should take into account many nuances, and first of all your type of appearance. Do not go wrong - emphasize all the advantages of your beauty, do something wrong - in the eyes of others will throw one cons.

Who will approach a woman's haircut "potty?"

Girls and women with delicate features and oval face shape. However, it also not bad "corrects" stretched to a chin or a narrow face thanks to a smooth and straight bang. You can do it if you consider your cheekbones, eyes, neck (by the way, her haircut makes it slimmer).

A clear silhouette of the hairstyle gives the image not only of office rigor, but also tenderness, insecurity. Since the shape of the haircuts hides the age of her mistress, often her stylists are ordered not only by daring girls, but also by ladies who are far beyond thirty.

"Pot" can be very different

Classical. A nice haircut with a bangs barely dropping on the eyebrow, as well as a smooth cut around the entire head.

With light asymmetry. In such a hairstyle there can be one elongated detail - whiskers or bangs. For stylish, fashion-conscious women.

Elongated. A gentle option that looks like anything, just not like a man.

Minimalist. Glam-rock version of the haircut: the master shaves every hair below the main line of the cut. This hairstyle perfectly emphasizes the creative nature of its owner.

Bright. Painted in a catchy (and not always natural) color, the hair will draw even more attention to you. Do you want to create an image of a city hooligan, informal? This is your option!

With a color bang. If you add the most accurate, classic haircut with such a small accent, you will make your bow much more feminine and feminine. A good choice for a girl of a creative profession!

Haircut "under the pot": options

What makes it so unforgettable? Smooth contrast of the occipital-temporal zone, as well as a volume "cap" in front. The length of the bang can be any, but most often it is performed up to the eyebrow line. So it looks long, effectively emphasizing the finely cut areas on the sides (mainly using a trimmer), as well as the volume behind. By the way, the back of the head and whiskey sometimes decorate with patterns or "geometry", cutting out, say, a triangle.

This "simplicity, but with taste" is formed by multi-level texturing on the vertex, and by grading the tips. In this case, the "cap" lies gently, and most importantly, without effort.

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