Haircuts for a thin narrow face

If your face is spared from excessive completeness, then the ideal option for you will be voluminous and magnificent styling, which will add to your attractiveness.

How can I tell if my face is thin?

To determine the shape of your face , you need to measure its width, and divide this number by the height, which is measured from the chin to the point of hair growth. If the value of the obtained coefficient is more than 1.5, then you have a really thin face type.

Ideal haircuts for a thin face:

Haircuts for a thin face: length

In this case, you are ideal for medium-length hairstyles or to the middle of the shoulder. If the haircuts for a thin face are cascade, ladder, or layers, the strands will fall on the cheeks and chin. Thus, you will be able to hide excessive leanness.

Note that the haircut should not be too short, otherwise it will worsen the overall appearance. If you create a volume near the cheeks, then the outline of the face will get a beautiful oval. The face and the soft curls going from ears to shoulders will make more widely.

Ideally, an asymmetrical haircut will look that will pay attention to itself, rather than on the face.

Classic haircuts for a thin narrow face

From classical haircuts to owners of a thin face it is necessary to stop on a square. The length of the hair in this case should be up to the shoulders. This reception will be the best option for thin girls with a full face.

A good option for a narrow face is a bean with a long bang and a volume in the middle part of the ear. If you wind the strands on curlers and give them volume with a hair dryer, stacking them so that they disperse at the level of the cheekbones, you can visually give the face an oval.

Suitable bangs for a thin narrow face

Girls with a thin face will look great with a wide brow, completely hiding the forehead. With rounded edges, you can create the effect of additional roundness of the face.

However, it is worth considering that the wider you make the bang, the wider the face will look. Good looking wavy bangs, partially covering the forehead. This is an excellent option for owners of a large nose .

Styling for skinny girls

When laying the hair dryer, try to make the maximum volume. In this you will help a special round brush. Also, a good effect will give rise to, due to which you can visually round the features. It will be nice to look curls in small strands.

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