Fervent Italian - "guest" from the 80's

In the middle of the dynamic 80-ies of the twentieth century, the Italian haircut literally burst into vogue (some hairdressers call her Aurora ), still not losing her charm and charm. It is not surprising that it is relevant today, moreover, the preference for Italian women is given to women of all ages.

The basic model of the Italian hair style provides for a short haircut of the upper part of the head and an elongated (stepped) shortening of the hanging strands. Purely externally, the Aurora is very similar to an ordinary cascade, so only one real hairdresser-professional can visually distinguish one haircut from another.

Haircut Italian with bangs

In the event that the base Italian is not too suitable for a woman, the masters modify it a little. For example, perfectly refreshes and original accents are not a thick short, but a graduated oblique or ragged bang , advantageously hiding a high forehead or an elongated oval face . But this method can only be used by women with even hair, as on a wavy or curly locks a bang can be beautifully laid only by a professional.

A slight modification of the traditional Italian with the opening of the forehead and giving extra splendor to the parietal region of the head (shortening the hair on the crown) will be the ideal hairstyle for chubby girls and women. Such a hairstyle will visually "stretch out" the face, correcting its proportions, and will emphasize cheekbones. But any bangs, a straight line of parting and the absence of even a hint of locks absolutely do not fit the "round-faced" who chose this haircut.

Italian woman perfectly suits women with thin hair, because the technology of haircut gives them the necessary volume better than any packing means. You can also adjust the splendor of your head of hair with the help of weak chemistry, hair curlers or usual hair loss (this issue is decided by the client herself), and too thick strands should be placed only in a magnificent hairdress, paying special attention to the frontal and parietal parts of the head.

Haircut Italian for short hair

To decorate your head with Italian hair, you can also wear short hair - the masters simply perform it in a shortened variation, and on wavy or curly hair it looks especially charming, making the curls more obedient - the curls lose their excessive volume, easily fall in the chosen direction and cease to be confused. What is the focus? The fact that the curls are not cut in a straight solid line, but with the help of the technique of lengthening each strand, as a result of which the curls do not become entangled in the chicken "nest", but stream along the shoulders with tight, separate snakes. Naturally, the image immediately changes - from the unkempt village girl turns into an elegant, elegant lady.

Italian is the perfect solution for those daughters of Eve who like to dissolve hair, but do not have time to carefully care for them and every day to lay, align or, on the contrary, wind on curlers. Elongated or shortened haircut, repeating the contours of the head, does not require special care, but it always looks stylish, natural and relevant. By the way, Italica is very adorned with melioration and coloring , techniques that give individual locks and hair a special chic and originality.

So, let's sum up - Italian is a wonderful, truly universal haircut, emphasizing the beauty of straight straight hair. No less remarkable Aurora looks on wavy hair and curly curls, giving its charming owner a French charm and Italian elegance.

An additional advantage of the hairstyle is its variability, because depending on the type of woman and the proportions of her face, the Italian can be supplemented by a short, thick cheek, graduated with an elongated and oblique bangs or, conversely, modeled so as to completely open the forehead.

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