Haircut Whimsy

Haircut with such a slightly "harmful" name is actually an example of an ideal elegance that will never go out of fashion.

Who is suitable for a haircut Whimsy

Virtually any woman, because this haircut - universal. It is important only to choose the "own" version of the styling, which will hide shortcomings, and emphasize advantages. The distinctive features of the haircut Caprice are long, thin feathers that seem to be knocked out of the hairstyle, creating a lively volume and an easy fashionable "mess" on the head.

Mowing Whimsy is mainly done on short hair, less often on medium hair. It is ideal for slender, lean ladies, and also possesses a "swan", a thin and long neck. However, for lush beauties with forms, some variants of this haircut will do. For example, if the front strands are cut "steps" inside (milling). But the type of hair is not important - Caprice will equally decorate both straight and wavy hair.

Cutting Technique Caprice

Short hair is first divided into four zones crosswise (for example, using two rotors, arched horizontal and vertical). The bangs can be cut as they like, but the strands are made with "feathers" of different lengths.

Mowing Whim: a little about styling

To lay the string, you need to wash it, dry it (especially carefully, it is necessary to dry hair from the back side). On dried hair, brush from right to left, lifting hair higher. At the end, fix everything with a varnish.

You can simply comb the damp hair, as you prefer, and let them dry. There is also a styling with a hair dryer and a flat brush, which needs to comb all the strands from the face, and at the end use the lacquer of the strongest fixation.

And finally (the most creative way): you can lift the roots of hair with a wire brush, and the ends - pull out "ironing". Well, and treat individual strands with a special paste.

Haircut Caprice - the choice of elegant women who like frequent experiments with styling and who like to change hair styles according to their whims. Interesting, pretty ... and very feminine.

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