Squares of a square and a bean with elongated locks

The image of a woman is not the least dependent on the chosen haircut. An elegant and unofficial image will help to create a haircut with a bean or square with elongated front strands, which go to almost everyone. The accent varies from classics to extravagance, depending on how great the difference in length of hair is in front and at the back of the head.

Bob-kara with elongated locks

This haircut corrects the oval face, hiding if necessary too wide cheekbones. With her help, the image remains romantic, while gaining expressiveness.

The square with elongated strands will look great on the hair of any density, the neck can be cut quite shortly. Painted hair or highlights will give the hair a special volume and refinement.

Elongated strands visually make the face less wide, so the owner of a narrow face is better to refrain from such a haircut.

Bob with elongated locks

If before the haircut bob did not assume the presence of bangs , now for beans, as for quads, a variety of experiments are permissible: bangs can be cut evenly or asymmetrically, its density and length may fluctuate, the absence of bangs is also welcomed by hairdressers.

Extended bob is suitable for women of different ages and complexions. The choice in favor of the bean can make representatives of any profession, because it will be appropriate both in the office and on the dance floor.

This universal haircut can hide too large cheekbones or chin, wide cheeks, make the profile more noble, emphasize the elegance of the neck line.

For each of the fair sex, you can choose the right version of the bean with an extension. The presence of a bang helps to visually adjust the shape of the face. A slanting fringe will suit chubby ladies, and a girl with an elongated face makes sense to make a straight bang.

Asymmetric bean with elongated locks

Fans of experiments should pay attention to an asymmetric bean with elongated strands, suggesting a different length to the right and left.

Graduated bob with elongation as if by magic will give hair extra volume, they will look much thicker due to the multistage haircut.

Haircuts with elongated strands: styling features

The choice of a fixative is not essential. You can use both a varnish, and penko or gel. After applying the styling agent, a round brush and a hair dryer can be used to shape. Another option is to use large curlers. You can create an interesting hairstyle by randomly distributing the strands with your hands moistened with hair gel.

To fix the result, the use of lacquer is superfluous. A spectacular, smooth evening dressing will be made by the owners of an elongated square or bean to make a straightening iron for straightening the hair. If you chose soft curls, curl the hair on curlers , and then manually adjust the shape using a gel. The final chord is the same hairspray.

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