Types, models and forms of female haircuts

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face

Correctly selected haircuts in accordance with your face shape will emphasize advantages and hide shortcomings.

Ideal haircuts for an oval face

Oval face shape is considered ideal stylists. The most beautiful forms of haircuts are at your disposal!

Haircut for a round face

The round-faced girl is the standard of femininity. With proper haircuts, you need to emphasize this.

Haircuts for a square face

Haircuts for a square face are selected in such a way as to smooth the angular shapes of the face and visually extend it.

Beautiful haircuts for a triangular face

Successful haircuts for a triangular face look gentle and refined, emphasize your femininity.

Haircut for a rectangular face

For a rectangular face, stylists recommend haircuts with volume at the sides, graduation, curls or cascade.

Suitable haircuts for a thin face

There are several hairdressing techniques to make a thin face more feminine: waves, curls and graduation.

Haircuts for a long, long face

Proper haircut will help make the elongated face more harmonious. Note the medium hair length.

Beautiful haircuts for brunettes

Saturated dark shades of hair will look chic if you choose a haircut with clear lines.

Long hair with a bangs

Long hair and bangs - a classic combination. To look stylish, choose the bang form correctly!

Creative haircuts

If your dream is to be unique and different from others, you need a unique creative haircut.

Haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair is pride for any girl. The right haircut will emphasize the beauty and ease the styling.

Beautiful haircuts for redheads

Red hair color attracts increased attention to your hair. Choose a haircut carefully.

Haircut "Thrash"

If you chose the trash "Trash", mean you want to challenge society. Bold, rebellious strands and creative color.

Haircuts for tall girls

Haircuts should be selected not only to the face, but also to the figure! High girls can become graceful.

Haircuts for furry hair

When the hair is shaken, we spend a lot of nerves and money on their packing. Optimal haircut will fix the situation.

Beautiful haircuts for blond hair

Ideal haircut for blondes obeys special rules. Beautiful haircuts emphasize light curls.

Fashionable haircuts for naughty hair

To disobedient locks more easily fit, they should be cut with strands, cascade, feathers, graduation.

Haircuts for women after 40

Mature women choose a haircut with extreme care. Haircut should rejuvenate the face and hide flaws.

Haircuts for women after 50

Haircut for a 50-year-old woman should adjust the contour of the face, have a complex shape and mask the wrinkles.

Haircuts for women after 60

Women in 60 often have fragile and brittle hair, so basically stop for a short haircut.

Volumetric haircuts

Volumetric haircuts are ideal for a thin and elongated face. They are also preferred by busy persons in order to facilitate laying.

Short hairstyle

Modern short haircuts allow you to create many new creative images and look in a new way.

Haircut "Hedgehog" for women

This ultra-short haircut will suit fragile skinny girls. Try playing with the color and length of the brace.

Women's haircut half-box

Female version of the haircut half-box - the best choice of active energetic girls. Advantages - quick styling.

Haircuts and hair styling

Star hairstyles are always under the paparazzi's eye. Therefore, the impeccable hairdresses of the stars please us with ideas.

Haircut Kare: stylish models

This classic haircut looks appropriate in any situation. Graduated variants of the square are able to emphasize the image of the most brave women of fashion

Graduated haircut

Graduated haircut Graduated strands can decorate any haircut. They will give volume to thin hair and make the face more expressive

Torn haircut

Ragged strands are a real hit for today. Today it's cocky and stylish

Haircuts with bangs

Hairstyles and all sorts of haircuts, the complement of which is a bang, were fashionable at all times.

Short haircuts with a long bangs

Short haircuts with an elongated bang emphasize the girl's refined style, hiding small flaws.

Models of haircuts with a long bangs

A long bang can serve as a stylish decoration for a fashionable hairstyle for any length of hair.

Sports Stylish Haircuts for Women

Most of the sports hairstyles for women are short, with simple edges. Very easy to install.

Undercut undercut for women

Undercut Cut is the true dream of bold ladies who adore experiments with their own appearance.

Haircut with shaven head

Such haircuts are increasingly found on the heads of glamorous women of fashion. It's a great way to express yourself.

Oblique haircut (on the side)

The oblique haircut today is very popular, it will add a highlight to your image, make it unique.

Haircuts with voluminous crown

The volume on the vertex will help create a feminine, elegant image, add a hairstyle volume.