Women's haircuts for short hair

Haircuts for short hair allow representatives of the beautiful half to not only hide some of the shortcomings of the shape of the face , but also correctly highlight all their advantages and advantages.

Haircut on short hair

Recently, the "short rack" is very popular, and this is due to several reasons: this haircut is suitable for women of any age and with different base lengths of hair. It should be noted that the "short squares" can be performed in a wide variety of variations. Lovers of a bang can make it both long and short, and opponents can easily refuse it.

"Short quads" will look beautiful both on straight and wavy hair. In addition, at the present time such a haircut is performed with the use of grading or texturing. With the help of these technologies, the hairstyle will become spectacular, and the image - original and memorable.

Short haircut Bob

Elegant haircuts for medium hair are also a trend in recent seasons. For example, the "classic short bean" can be made on hair of any color or type. For owners of thin curls, the perfect solution will be a three-dimensional haircut, raised at the top of the head, because this option allows you to visually give the hairdo additional volume and thickness.

It is believed that the optimal length for fine hair - from the lower edge of the ear to the tip of the chin. It is not recommended to perform shorter options, because visually the hair will look "sleek."

Short cut stair

Cutting the "short ladder" will give the hair extra volume, make them more fresh and alive. With a competent performance, this hairstyle will correct the features of the face, give it femininity and flowing lines. This solution is ideal for women with a square, round or triangular face . And for weakened and thin hair, this option will be a real salvation. Cascade in this case - the most correct decision, because with its help you can evenly distribute strands, making the image airy and easy.

Cascade for short hair

A cascade of short hair will give a light and volume hairstyle, make your style more feminine. This is an ideal option to tame dense curls, or vice versa, to make thin hair richer.

Short haircut Pixie

For a bold image, you can experiment with an ultra-short haircut, but it is worthwhile to understand that for this it is necessary to have the right facial features and the corresponding proportions of the figure - only in this case a very short haircut will adorn the woman. Young girls with graceful features and a "boy's" haircut will always look gentle, fragile and noble.


Typically, business women and business women prefer a simplified version of the haircut "ganson", which allows you to easily change the appearance without spending a lot of time. A short hairstyle can be lifted up, combed back or cleaned with a bang bar. You can also decorate your hair with small curls.

Sassoon Haircut on short hair

Grooming sessun is already considered a fashion classic. Its distinctive features are perfectly clear contours, which favorably emphasize all the dignity of the exterior. Correctly executed haircut sessun - the result of the work of a very experienced craftsman, since the hair will be beautifully laid after washing your head with little or no effort.

Short curly hair

Owners of curly locks often make a common mistake - they cut their hair too short. In order to avoid unsuccessful experience, before the procedure it is necessary to consult a master who will assess the degree of elasticity of the strands and give recommendations on care and styling, as well as choose a hairstyle taking into account the direction of hair growth.

For hard hair, bangs are suitable in a variety of variations: long, short, oblique or straight, but it is better to refuse straight and straight lines in a haircut, because the usual caring can look unpleasant at the ends. For owners of this type of hair asymmetry is perfect, especially now it is at the height of fashion. Use the features and benefits of your hair structure, and then a modern image with shiny and elastic curls is provided!

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Styling and care for a short haircut

When you leave the salon with a beautiful short haircut, immediately you will feel increased attention to your face. This is not surprising, because now your image has become more bold, stylish and open. It is necessary to carefully choose makeup and give the eyebrows the ideal shape - this will make the image complete.

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It is worth remembering that a short haircut requires daily care. The owner of such a hairstyle can no longer gather the hair in the tail and rush out of the house. Do not be too lazy to allocate a little time for the transformation of appearance, because even the simplest versions of laying will give the image elegance and attractiveness.

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