Beautiful haircuts for women

At all times, hair was one of the main ornaments of a woman. And nowadays, in addition to the classic "blonde braid up to the waist," an increasing number of beautiful women's haircuts from year to year, so that the "arsenal" of women of fashion is only replenished.

Beautiful haircuts for short hair

Pixie and Pixie Bob

To create a fashionable bold image, girls experiment with ultra-short haircuts. However, it is important not to forget: for such a hairstyle the person should have the right proportions and features, and the figure should not "fail". In this case, such a haircut will actually serve as a decoration. Examples of hairstyles that "possess" sufficient courage: hanson, hedgehog, pixie.


Despite the almost male length of the hair, a young girl with graceful features will look with such a haircut brittle enough, gently and even nobly.

Short bean and quads

Especially popular in these years is a short bean and quads. Of course, because these hairstyles go to women with any base length and at any age! And by the way, it can be done in different variations: with a long or short bang, or at all without it.

Graduated bean

Easy graduation allows you to beautifully frame the locks of the face, which creates a very feminine, stylish image.

"Ripped" ends

Ragged hairstyles are a choice for stylish and modern. One "but" - this haircut is suitable only for the owner of lush hair, because rare, delicate hair, it only "more sour".

Short ladder

A short ladder refreshes the hair, gives them "life", as well as the actual volume. In addition, a properly selected ladder can adjust the features of the face, removing a bit of sharpness and making it more feminine.

Beautiful haircuts on the leg: a hat, a fungus

Haircuts "on the leg" look very stylish, well-groomed. They visually lengthen the neck and make the figure slimmer. Such hairstyles easily and quickly fit.


"Broken" image for several years at the peak of popularity. The main advantage of a haircut is a rejuvenating effect. In addition, it disguises the appearance's shortcomings. The hairstyle will suit both the girl, and the mature lady.

Beautiful haircuts for medium length hair

Most of all owners of such hair prefer cascading haircuts, elongated beans and quads. Also, asymmetry, structured strands, curls, excretions and various bangs are also considered an excellent decoration.

The most popular haircut is a cascade . It is selected for all types of hair, and also allows a whole sea of ​​variations, so it can very well serve as a base option.

For the owner of straight, thickened hair, an elongated bob perfectly fits. To make such a haircut "younger" will help melirovaniya individual locks or coloring.

A scaffold for medium hair

A scaffold for medium hair (or graduated graduation) is not a passing classic. Thin hair it adds volume, and heavy - on the contrary, facilitates.

Beautiful hairstyle for long hair

One of the basic is a cascade. It is suitable for any hair, but if your hair is a little curly - it will lie completely impeccably.

Long ladder

The scaffold also has its steps cut, but it has smoother transitions than the cascade. Gives the image a fresh, well-groomed look, rejuvenates.

And finally, the slanting bangs - well, what a wonderful addition to thick, long hair! Such a fringe is suitable for everyone, but also requires special attention and care.

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