Cut ladder

Grooming like a ladder gives the hair volume, makes it dynamic and alive. This type of haircut is especially suitable for those who want to keep the length of their hair.

With this haircut, it is possible to improve the outline of the face, to smooth out the lines of the face oval. Stylists cut the ladder recommended for the choice for girls with a round, square or triangular face shape. Hair cover part of the face, and due to this, as it were, lengthen its shape.

Fine hair is attached to the missing volume, and thick and heavy - lightness and airiness.

A scaffold for long hair

A scaffold for long hair will help to hide the existing shortcomings of appearance and emphasize dignity. The only thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is the structure of your hair. This type of hairstyle is absolutely not suitable for women with curly, hard or curly hair type. But, despite this, if you want, you can still choose a staircase even for those who own the hair types listed above, if you are ready to tinker with your hair every day, using any kind of gels, varnishes, hairdryers, straighteners, laying naughty strands. In addition, such daily operations with hair damage their health, so you should be prepared that this approach will soon have to deal with the treatment of your hair from various diseases.

A scaffold for medium length hair

Medium hair is the most practical and convenient option, and they are best suited for universal types of haircuts.

Cutting ladder has a number of advantages when choosing it for medium hair. At the same time, hair becomes thicker and more airy, it acquires an additional volume. Ideally, this type of haircut is suitable for an oval or elongated face.

Scaffold for short hair

A scallop for short hair - this hairstyle is the most versatile and practical, suitable for various types of hair. Thick hairstyle hair will reduce the volume and give more lightness, and thin hair will give a volume that they lack.

With a curly hair type, it will be almost impossible to achieve ideal hairdo configurations. Curly hair has to be constantly straightened , otherwise the hair will not have such clear outlines. For this reason, the owner of curly hair is desirable to choose for themselves a different type of hairstyle.

A scaffold with a bang

Haircut on the type of stairs with bangs, it is desirable to start from the bangs, in case if there is no bang, then the ladder should begin from the earlobe. This hairstyle looks natural, stylish, and does not cause much trouble in everyday life.

A significant advantage of the ladder is the wide choice of bangs, which can be chosen so that they harmoniously correspond to the general style and image. You can choose an asymmetrical bangs , straight thin bangs. For those who have a high forehead, you can not even do bangs when cutting. When choosing a certain type of hairstyle, one must be guided by many factors, such as the shape of the face , or even the proportions of the figure. A well-chosen hairstyle can work wonders!

It is not recommended to choose this type of haircuts for those who initially have heavy and thick hair, as it can go too far with the puffiness and density of hair, which will only worsen their appearance. But for curly hair, the haircut of the ladder looks very attractive.


In the process of laying the haircut ladder, for owners of fine hair type, we must pay special attention to the following points:

1.Uspolzovat hair dryer with a special attachment for giving hair volume.

2. Apply mousse, which should be applied to damp hair, and then dry them with a hair dryer.

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