Haircuts on the leg: beans and quads

Many women are afraid of short haircuts due to the fact that they "oblige" to constantly monitor themselves, because the universal "tail", always coming to the rescue of long hair and hiding all the shortcomings, can not be braided!

But, hairdressers believe that short classic haircuts can offer women some interesting solutions that do not require special skills in hairdressing skills.

Cutting Cap "on the leg"

One of the variations of the classical "French" quads is the "square on the leg" (or " cap "), the feature of which are the accents placed at the back, rather than in front. By the way, it was this haircut, like a fresh breeze, burst into the ratings of the most "top" hairstyles, becoming one of the most relevant in the season of this year.

Mowing "Kare" on the leg "

According to the stylists, this haircut is ideal for women of the following types:

- with an oval or slightly elongated face;

- with straight even hair, without curls and waviness;

- with a light fragile figure, without "handrails" in the waist and hips;

- with a long graceful neck, because this hairstyle opens it to the maximum;

- "winter" and "summer" girls - owners of dark hair, because they will be able to emphasize the clear lines of haircut (on light hair, the effect of "graphics" is lost).

Model variety of "haircut on the leg"

To say that this type of haircut has a wide range of various variations is impossible, but this defect is compensated by their modifications.

So, the most common, we can say, classic "square on the leg" is a haircut with a clear bottom line formed at the level of the chin, with a closed neck, but with a completely bare neck, and a short thick bangs can make their own highlight in this version of the hairstyle, reaching up to the eyebrow line.

Bob-kare with elongated strands "on the leg"

There is another interesting model of quads for creative young girls - the hairstyle line rises slightly, demonstrating the gentle lines of the long neck, but the neck is still not visible. The accent of the hairstyle is the front, slightly elongated strands, which fall just below the back.

Also very impressive look models, where the line of the head looms (sometimes, it can even shave almost to its half), and the front strands create a sharp contrast with the back (sometimes they reach even the level of the shoulders).

Agree, this haircut looks stunningly stylish and original, emphasizes the unconventionality and creativity of the girl, turning her into a real "hostess of the ball" of any party.

But the stylists do not stop at canons, so today the "square on the leg" can be not only straight, but oblique, milled, with a thinned, "torn" structure, or, conversely, can fit into a magnificent "helmet" in the style of the Egyptian Cleopatra.

No less interesting and experiments with bangs , because a clear, geometrically proportional line does not fit all the girls. Today, stylists are allowed to supplement the "haircut on the leg" with torn asymmetric, oblique and even shortened bunches. The only taboo is a "combed house" a la 90's!

Haircuts on the leg: games with color and styling

As mentioned a little bit above, "haircut on the leg" looks much more effective on dark hair, but blondes and fairies should not despair, because to preserve the geometry and style of the hairstyle, without changing its primary color, you can use melioration and coloring . For example, you can try to color the darker hue of the hair on the back of the head, further emphasizing its fragility or making 3-4-color coloring, using colors of several tones darker than the main one. Thus, the color becomes richer and deeper, so the haircut lines look much clearer.

And now we will stop on packing such short haircuts. The easiest and quickest way to give the head an "appearance" is by using a conventional hair dryer and a "styler" (ironing). The strands of hair, at the time of drying, rise at the base and are turned inwards, and if they "break" after sleeping, they are previously leveled with "ironing". Looks great styling of large chaotic rings, made with the help of the largest curlers . During the creation of such a hairstyle you need a fixative, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the "naturalness" of the styling will be lost.

An elegant evening variation "square on the leg" will be a hairstyle in the style of elegant and refined 20's. To do this, the appearance of the strands is formed using a special "corrugating ironing", which gives them the desired structure, and then they are stacked and fixed with a large amount of gel. Under this laying a bright "smoky" make-up for the eyes and a grandeur of hair accessories are required (this can be a ribbon with rhinestones, hairpins or a small diadem).

But the young charmers to emphasize their freshness and youth will help "haircut on the leg, decorated with simple accessories - fabric or plastic rims," ​​ignoramuses ", hairpins. But, remember, bijouterie should be qualitative and carefully selected for the outfit, otherwise the girl will look like a tasteless provincial.

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