Haircuts for naughty hair

Owners of disobedient hair should not choose a variety of haircuts for short or medium length. Hair "with a character" is best to grow, and the more you have patience, the better for your hair.

Short haircuts for naughty hair


Haircut Italian consists of thin feathers of different lengths. With such a hairdo hair, you can be naughty to fit chaotically, your hair will look very bulky and stylish.

Delirious Pixie

If you have short hair and you find it difficult to tame them, do Pixie. This haircut is made of strands of different length, which hold the volume. Disobedient hair for a pixie is only a plus, as the knocking out strands will create a fashionable creative ruffian on the head.


The shearing "Sheggie" is a very fashionable trend, which will be an excellent way for disobedient hair. This hairstyle rejuvenates the face, hides fine wrinkles and skin imperfections. The optimal length for this hairstyle is up to the chin line.

Graduated short bean

Haircut bob with graduation - the winning option for naughty hair. Thin feathers, zadorno sticking out in the area of ​​the face make the image younger, and the hair - larger.

Haircuts with torn tips

"Ragged" haircuts look stylishly on young girls, they are often performed on the basis of beans or quads. Such haircuts well disciplined naughty locks, they are easier to smooth and lay in the right direction with the help of fixing foam.

If you make a long bang and lay it asymmetrically, the sloping lines will visually adjust the round, square or full face.

Fashion asymmetry

If you prefer a modern style, pay attention to haircuts, in which the face frames asymmetrical strands - they can create a very catchy, daring image. On the one hand, the side strand, slightly touching the face, is noticeably shortened here, and on the other, the hair is cut at an angle. Well, in order to beautifully lay all this "architecture", you need special tools with a smoothing effect, giving the hair shine and gloss, as well as an old-good irons.

Haircuts for naughty hair of medium length

For naughty hair, a classic cascading haircut on long hair is great. Strands framing the face below the chin are cut with a ladder , and then curled into soft curls and plunged onto their shoulders. And the overlapping forehead is oblique, a massive bangs are taken to one side, imperceptibly passing into lateral strands.

Yes, that's what long, unruly hair needs: smooth, round lines, steep curls - in general, unforgettable stylistic decisions of the 60s. Want to give a glamorous image, trying on the role of kinodive? It's not at all difficult! It is necessary to cut long strands with inconspicuous layers, creating the impression of completeness and integrity of such a haircut. And if you add the classic styling (that is, raise the hair at the roots and tighten up at the ends), then the image will become alive and very elegant.

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