Haircut Page: popular models

Haircut pages in the 80-ies of the last century was very relevant. Today, you can also observe the popularity of this haircut. Many girls who prefer medium length hair, this option is perfect for haircuts.

Initially, before making a haircut in the style of the page, you should find out who it is suitable for, and who better not even think about it. A woman's haircut page will suit hair of different lengths, and no matter what hair, long, short or medium.

In such a haircut, the length of the hair does not matter. Curly hair such a haircut is unlikely to fit, as it can create certain problems in the future, because you need to constantly straighten hair in a certain direction, which takes a lot of time, and also harms the curls.

Haircut on short hair

A classic hairstyle is a haircut, which is done on short hair.

In order to have a more modern look, in such a hairstyle you can make a slanting or torn bangs .

A short haircut can also be varied, using a hair dryer, with which you can twist the hair on the sides. This hairstyle can hardly be called a "page". But this hairstyle is the best option for a festive exit.

Haircut page on medium hair

For medium length hair, the haircut of the page will create a romantic image, where even strands descend to the shoulders. Soviet fashionistas just this and sought, adhering to the style of the French singer, but each of them sought to look special.

Doing a haircut on medium hair, many stylists allow themselves to depart from the rules, shortening the bangs, since it is unlikely that anyone will argue that walking with a bang to the chin is not the most convenient thing.

Extended page

Today, there is another variant of cutting the page, where the hair, which is just below the shoulders, is evenly cut around the entire circumference and curled inward. The image created with this hairstyle is very fashionable and mysterious.

Haircut pages will not work, in the case of:

- Thin and rare hair;

- Round or triangular type of face;

curly locks.

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