Haircut Pixie

Every woman tries to choose a hairstyle with which her face will harmonize in the best way. Those who want to find short hair in the style of pixies must take into account that such a haircut makes the person quite open.

Pixie makes a visual emphasis directly on the face, so the openness of the eyes, neck, lips, cheekbones and chin - all this will catch your eye and involuntarily attract attention, it's important not to jam and look "with a needle", achieving the effect through make-up . The opportunity to look fresh and rejuvenated for several years is a definite plus in using this haircut.

The main advantages of the "Pixie" hairstyle:

Pixie haircut is multi-layered and suitable for any type of hair due to its versatility. It will be a good choice for owners of both round, heart-shaped or square face shapes. The length of the hair in the face should be a little longer than on the head and neck, and the difference is smoothed by a smooth transition. The combination of pixies with bangs, which can be profiled, thick or straightened, looks particularly interesting and piquant. If the bangs are long and laid on the oblique, then the image of the woman will radiate a half times more playfulness and sexuality.

Pixie on short hair

Pixie on short hair can be found more often among Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Despite the short length of the curls, the pixy allows you to create original hairstyles, play with the shape of a bang, change the length of the strands on the temples.

Pixie for medium hair

Girls with thin curls of medium length, this hairstyle will seem a real salvation, but it will be necessary to add extra volume to the roots of the hair on a regular basis. For this purpose, you can use the mousse for styling. It makes sense to think about a straight bang that visually removes the rarity of the hair.

Pixie for fine hair

To make voluminous thin and rare hair it is rather inconvenient, however the pixy copes with this task "with hurray". Dense, slightly curly hair - the most favorable conditions for pixies, while hair with steep curls with it is absolutely incompatible.

All the "torn" haircuts pixies - just a find for women with thin hair, because the combination of strands with "ragged" ends of different lengths, layered one on the other, involuntarily creates the same notorious volume. Pay attention, in this case, you need to keep a kind of effect of "negligence", so do not use a huge amount of stowage, just a small "ball" of mousse.

Pixie for curly hair

As already mentioned, wavy curls - not an obstacle for such a haircut, it is important only to choose the right option, based on the structure of the hair. Pixie with curly hair will perfectly blend with a round or oval face . To make a choice in favor of the shortest variant of a hairdress it is not necessary, as it demands difficult enough leaving. This applies to the bangs, because its constant straightening with wavy hair is not an easy task.

Who is suitable for haircutting pixies

As for the age limit, the pixy, unlike many other haircuts, is not limited to numbers in the passport or the number of wrinkles on the face. Moreover, to ladies at the age, she often goes more than the young ladies, because instantly rejuvenates the appearance for at least five years. Do not become an obstacle and gray - with the correct form of haircuts, it will only emphasize the nobility of old age and give a woman a halo of aristocracy and good taste.

But for all its versatility, fashionable haircuts piksi are contraindicated for large women, with a massive decollete zone, a stocky neck and "corpulent" hands, since it will make the completeness more visible and pronounced, attracting unnecessary attention to it.

Pixying haircutting

Pixie hairstyle needs constant care. If your choice fell on her, prepare to frequent visits to the hairdresser for the alignment and shaping of the hair, for the entire geometry of the haircut will simply fail.

Pixy laying is easy. Stowage "in haste" means the allocation of "feathers" by means of wax for the effect of a barely noticeable dishevelment. Looks good hair with a volume laid bangs, straightened on the forehead. Laying can be done with a large curler or hair dryer.

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