Womens haircut, pixie-bob

Many girls ask hairdressers to make them a haircut that almost does not need styling. The problem with such hairstyles is in their simplicity, so if you still decide on a haircut plus daily styling, you will not only stand out, but also create an image of a very well-groomed lady.

Haircut pixy-bean refers to just such hairstyles - it needs to be laid every morning, giving the hair volume. But with what elegance you will wear it all day!

The name of the hairstyle has an interesting secret: it is named after ... Who would you think? Fashionable breed of cats, a bit like a lynx, with a short little tail.

Salon Pixie Bob - this is a haircut with the shape of a bean and strings of a pixie - or vice versa, the shape can resemble just the filamentation of a pixie, but softened in the manner of a hairdo. In general, there is no specific "instruction" for creating this hairstyle, the master decides how to do it, depending on the shape of the client's head and the type of her hair.

If your goal is not extraordinary glamor, but simply feminine elegance, you'll love the pixy-bean. There is no catch-and-youth asymmetry (the only exception is a bang), a shaven head or temples - just a thinning. But still the haircut looks modern.

If you have thin hair, the hair style will suit you perfectly, especially if you are done with coloring, graduation (but without fanaticism). These same techniques will suit the owner of curly hair.

Pixie-Bob for short length

Pixie-bean, made for a short length, plus oblique bangs - this is the most common variant of haircuts. The most shortened hair reminds a little of a man's haircut - but if the shape of your face is rounded, correct, the hairstyle will only emphasize your femininity.

Extended haircut of a pixie-bob

The option for longer hair will suit not only the ladies, but also the young guys. This haircut is distinguished by elongated strands from behind - in front it is short, with a bang. The master can make it different - rebellious, classical, catchy ... In general, for your taste.

Pixie Bob with long bangs

The elongated bangs, combed on one side, complements the pixy-bean better than others. She equally "star" fits into the image of both ladies in the age, and girls-senior pupils.

And so that the bang does not bother you, you can change the ways of packing. Cosmetic shops give us a very large choice of means for this - say, you can fix a bang with the help of mousse or gel, or make it even more original - decorate hair with wax. Get an image with which you are not ashamed even to go to the theater, adding a beautiful hairstyle with elegant clothes and a shiny necklace.

Yes, the pixy-bean requires laying - but only 10 minutes of time. But it looks like after these ten minutes per million!

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