Fashionable haircut of the pixy - 2017 - 2018

Dynamic, impeccably stylish and fashionable pixies 2017 - 2018, so reminiscent of fervent boyish haircuts, give women a resemblance to the charming touching elves, emphasizing the femininity of the lines of the face and the elegant "planting" of the head.

Fashionable pixie 2017-2018 with torn contours

According to many stylists, the long torn bangs asymmetrically falling to the face is a fashion trend of the upcoming season - 2018. The strings should be of different lengths to create a fashionable effect of casual negligence.

Fashionable pixies 2017 - 2018 seem very simple, but the variety of variations typical for the haircut itself, as well as the mass of various styling, allows women to literally change their image every day, creating a hairstyle as comfortable as possible for clothes and make-up.

But, if we are talking about the most trendy haircut of 2018, it is without a doubt a classic pixie with a pronounced semicircular shape and a thinned bang.

Fashion Pixie - 2017 - 2018: long bangs

The long bangs should be the main accent in the fashionable haircut of the pixie - 2018. This trend is increasingly found on the catwalks of leading designers.

Cascade Pixie - 2017 - 2018

The elongated pixy, cut by a cascade, is at the peak of popularity. Such a reception will create a profitable volume that will emphasize your femininity, make a person less strict and young.

Classical Haircut

If this option is strictly not suitable for you (unfortunately, the pixie is as versatile as a square or cascade), you can try other fashionable haircuts pixies. For example, very stylish, even slightly extravagant looks asymmetrical haircut, which perfectly complements the image of an effective business woman.

Pixie with a hedgehog on the top and an elongated neck will suit a woman with a slightly short and full neck, since long strands hide this flaw, a trash torn pixy is ideal for a rioting teenager, and a smooth pixie is perfect for a glamorous young girl with perfect the skull line.

Fashionable pixie with shaven temple

If you support bold experiments and creative directions, and also want to be at the "peak" of not even today's, but of tomorrow's fashion, then try pixy with perfectly shaven temples (or with temples cut off under the minimal nozzle and formed on them by shaved strips) .

A shaven temple will add asymmetry to the image, create a unique highlight, correct the shape of the face.

Focus on the bangs

Also do not forget about the bangs, able to re-emphasize in any kind of pixy. So, it can be a ragged, triangular or oblique bangs, bangs "a la Cleopatra" or a simple smooth bangs lying on the forehead and slightly fixed with a gel (especially effectively, it will look against the back of a strongly ruffled neck).

Fashionable pixies 2017 - 2018 on short hair

A short fashionable pixie is not only a tribute to fashion, it is an opportunity to emphasize once again your femininity, and also to win a lot of time, because it's hard to imagine a more practical hairstyle. Possessing a real "French charm", the haircut allows the woman in any situation to remain elegant and charming, whether it is a question of training in a gym or an evening reception at the embassy.

Another "plus" pixy is that it attracts maximum attention to the face, so this is really an ideal solution for women with "chiselled" features, large eyes or puffy lips.

Fashionable Pixie with bangs

If facial features are distinguished by a certain "clumsiness" and disproportionality, choose the pixy with the bangs. Thus, you can hide an excessively massive forehead, too wide cheekbones or massive cheeks, "lowered" corners of the eyes.

Pixie with long strands

This is an excellent solution for rare, thin, hard and curly hair, which in any other hairstyle is very difficult to lay more or less effectively.

Pixie 2017 - 2018 on medium hair

Haircutting pixy was originally developed for short hair, but today hairdressers offer to create such haircuts and on strings of medium length (the so-called long pixy). The only drawback of this model is the need for careful daily styling, otherwise the pixy will lose all its elegance and style. Neither of the "French charm" and the "elven beginning" in this case, it does not even come - so, something in between, which does not cause either the desire to do the same hairstyle or admiration from others ...

Trendy Pixie Bob 2017 - 2018

Let's open a little secret: pixybob is a new breed of cats on the market, whose appearance resembles a trot, so do not confuse "sinful with the righteous", because in the fashion world the haircut is a hairdo, in which there are features of one and the same another hairstyle. By the way, a combination of elements is invented by the stylist himself, choosing the most suitable details of the hairstyles for this or that female type. So, for example, a stylist can use the shape of a bean, adding to it the characteristic for a pixie string, or, conversely, to take as a basis the haircut of a pixie, giving it softness and smoothness of the bean.

Features of haircuts pixie

Characteristic features of the pixy are:

- the presence of ultrashort gaps;

- maximum openness of the ears and neck;

- the presence of protruding, even disheveled locks, which, in fact, give the haircut necessary fervor and mischief;

- a combination of strands of different length - shortened in the region of the temples and neck and elongated on the back of the head, the top and brow, which forms the "correct" relief of the hairstyle and gives it the necessary volume.

Fashion pixie 2017 - 2018: important features

Fashionable pixies of 2018 look great on the strands of any color, but especially brightly and effectively the hair will look on the hair of a deep chocolate, copper and black hue, as well as on strands dyed in a dazzling Arctic blond. An additional advantage of the hairstyle is the possibility to use such fashionable directions of hairdressing as melioration, toning and coloring, by means of which it is possible to create a "burned hair effect" or "rainbow transition" (smooth flow of one shade of the base color to another)

Pixying haircutting

And the last thing is styling, which can be done in a couple of seconds, plus ten minutes to wash your hair and blow dry your hair. For laying, you can use any means that are in the house - from wax, which will give out the tips of the braids, to the foam that gives the hair volume. The same applies to accessories - the pixy can be supplemented with a spectacular rim, a trendy ribbon with flowers, invisible objects with a decor of rhinestones and artificial stones, a diadem and even patchy strands of a bright "synthetic" hue.

As you can see, the pixy is really an ideal hairstyle for our crazy and high-speed century, which does not require long care and a complex many hours of styling. The only condition is the need to visit a qualified hairdresser (better, stylist) every 3-4 weeks, otherwise the hair will lose its shape and charm.

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