Haircuts for furry hair

Owners of thin, furry hair is very difficult to find the right haircut . Not surprisingly, because excessive volume sometimes sets the impossible tasks, and haircuts for fluffy hair should take into account this feature.

Short haircuts for fluffy hair

Thin and voluminous hair will be good to keep the shape "under the boy". If you want a longer version, then different variants of cascading haircuts will look good.

Cascading haircut of medium length will help visually reduce excessive volume. In this form, the haircut will keep the shape long and look neat. Perhaps the most stylish haircut that can be used on a large scale is the graduated square.

For everyday care and styling you will have to work hard. Against the background of all this, fluffy hair has one unconditional plus - they are able to maintain a given volume for a long time, so the design of the hair can be the most grandiose.

Pixie for fluffy hair

Multilayer pixie can greatly facilitate the care of fluffy hair. She will give her hair a volume and fashionable negligence.