Haircut Rhapsody

Ripping the rhapsody - fashionable, modern and very relevant. Who is she exactly like? All girls who have medium or long hair and want to diversify their appearance.

Such a haircut is performed by applying strands to the hair, while all the hair is combed back, and the tips are made at the tips. What is the difference between rhapsody and the same cascade ? In the first case, the length of the hair is preserved (so that the rhapsody is ideal for girls who grow their hair), and in the second, the hair that runs along the face is cut with a "ladder" , and along the main length, the same "hair strand" is cut. But in the first, and in the second case, the hairdo turns out to be voluminous and quite stylish.

Who will get a haircut for Rhapsody?

Who should pay special attention to the haircut of the rhapsody? Girls who want to increase the volume of hair on the vertex (while the density of hair is not important - this haircut is equally suitable for thick and thin hair). Owners of thin strands of rhapsody will increase the volume, but the owner of very thick hair haircut will help get rid of the visual "weight" of their hairstyle.

If the girl's hair curls, the curls will look very neat, because, due to the fact that they will be located at different levels, they will not be confused or interfere with their possessor. However, if these curls are too small, rhapsody can create an excessive volume on the back of the head.

For modern girls, it will also be a trump card that rhapsody does not require styling, decorating its owner without unnecessary hassle.

Rhapsody with a bang

How to "refresh" the rhapsody's haircut? This can be done with a stylish bang . Since the "melodic" rhapsody is rather conservative, the original bang will give it a piquant spice, and at the same time it will advantageously hide the face. For example, a round face is decorated with a slanting bang , just very popular in our time. She will narrow it down, and show that the owner of this haircut watches the fashion and always in the "trend."

Girls with an elongated or oval face will fit a straight, thick bang. Also very relevant! Visually, it will reduce the face, making it small and cute. Well, the owner of the oval head was lucky - they "face" any haircuts and any bangs. For example, an asymmetrical bang consisting of two layers: the lower layer is short, the upper one is oblique, laid on one side. Or a triangular bang - the choice of the most extravagant women of fashion who are pleased to attract attention.

Ripping the rhapsody is advantageously combined with such techniques as melirovanie , coloring, broning . The main thing is a good hairdresser who does not make mistakes with the colors that you need. And, when all the shades "correctly" will play on the hair, it will look just perfect.

Styling of haircuts "Rhapsody"

A festive (evening) version of the haircut of Rhapsody - the laying of curls. Although, in principle, such a styling can be done every day. She will need tongs or curlers . And for a "dance exit" to a disco or a nightclub, styling with waves like "wet hair" is perfect. How is it done? By applying a hair gel with the effect of "wet hair" to each strand, drying the strands, and then - their curl. Or you can use a hair gel and a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle.

Ripping the rhapsody is also popular because it fits more than half of the girls (everyone who has medium-length or long hair). With it is available a huge number of different styles, variations and evening hairstyles. So if you doubt for long, which haircut to make - boldly "bet" on the rhapsody, it is absolutely win-win!

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