Haircuts for red hair

What is the first thing that passers-by think about when they meet a bright red-haired girl? Probably, that she has a bright, cheerful nature.

Of course, with such hair it's very easy to stand out from the crowd. That's why almost every teenage girl wanted to dye her hair in a "fox" shade. Well, and after successful staining, the second question is how to choose the best haircuts and haircuts for red hair.

Long haircuts for red hair

Almost all red-haired women wear beautiful long curls. For example, a fashionable haircut "Foxy tail" can become your head trump card. Particularly impressive, if the hair is also wavy. Also, a long volumetric cascade or a ladder will look gorgeous on dense red hair.

Short haircuts for red hair

If your hair is brittle and not as thick as you would like, classical haircuts - a pixie or a bean will help out. These haircuts have strands and waves of different lengths, they look particularly red on the red hair.

Ragged tips, "feathers" of different lengths and asymmetry are the main techniques that will give a short haircut to red hair a maximum of femininity and coquetry.

Pixie Bob

Fashionable haircuts pixy-bean is ideal for red hair. Focus on asymmetrical long bangs and your hairstyle will have many options for laying.