Haircut Sesson

Vidal Sassoon - a great innovator in hairdressing art

Famous for the whole world hairdresser-stylist Vidal Sassoon (Vidal Sassoon) is considered to be an innovator of modern hairdresser's art. It was with his light hand in the 50's that such haircuts as Bob, Cesson, which are still popular around the world, became fashionable.

Vidal Sasson emphasized the naturalness, his haircuts did not require stacking and fixing tools, looked neat and fashionable. "Wash and go" (Wash and go) - this formulation for hair care is permanently entrenched in the form of a trademark of the world-famous shampoo 2-in-1 precisely because of the haircuts Vidal Sassoon.

Fashionable haircuts Sesson

It's not the first year that Sesson's haircut is very fashionable. It strikes with its versatility and it will be incredibly beautiful to look at both short and medium hair. Most often, haircut sesson is chosen by lovers of stylish classics.

Often very many confuse the haircut of the sesson directly with the haircut of the page . Although the style of their performance is almost the same, there are also significant differences. Classical sesson provides a bang, sheared in a semicircle, as well as a slightly shorter length of hair on the sides than behind. As for the page, this haircut should be called smoother than the sesson - here it is cut evenly as a bangs, and all hair. Grooming cesson gives hair a beautiful volume, which is most suitable for an oval face .

Technique of haircuts Cesson from Vidal Sassoon has some similarities with the technique of shearing classic quads , the main difference is cutting hair under some slope. In addition, in the haircut of the sesson, a technique called graduation is mandatory. This technique helps the hair to curl inwards. In the classical version of the haircut, the sesson has a very short length of hair - from the middle of the ear to the shoulders.

Groom Sisson: who is suitable

This haircut does not require careful installation every day. Sesson most harmoniously will look in the event that its owner is a tiny girl who has delicate and graceful facial features. A thick bang can mask the elongated face somewhat. In the event that the face is round in shape and seems to be full, this defect can be perfectly concealed with the oblique bangs . It should be noted that, in the prevailing cases, the haircut of the Cesson does not suit the owners of this form of face.

Sesson is a haircut, which, of course, is striking with its versatility. It is popular among all ages of the female sex - it can be worn by small girls and young girls, as well as by mature women. At the same time, a young girl will not look like an adult lady at all, and a mature woman will not give the impression of frivolity. Of course, such universality is the main advantage of the incredible haircut Cesson.

This haircut can get any variation - at the request of the client the master will make such a bang shape , which will most closely match the face type. In addition, if the client for some reason does not wear bangs, then the master can do this haircut without it. Grooming Sesson, like many modern haircuts, can be asymmetric. As for dyeing hair with such a haircut, the most appropriate option is melioration , however, here one must pay attention to individual preferences.

Cress Sisson: fashionable styling

A very beautiful and unique image can be obtained if you put hair with such a haircut with a hair dryer and a round comb. This is done very quickly and easily with the help of styling aids, such as varnish, mousse, etc.

Extended version of the haircut Cesson allows you to even use pigtails, which look simply unsurpassed. You can also use a wide variety of hairpins in order to make the hairstyle even more beautiful and attracting attention.

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