Haircut "Sheg": fashionable images

In the fashionable "family" of famous haircuts, such as the hanson, the bean or the sisson, the erratic "Shaggy" is gaining popularity. This stylish hairstyle looks so good that it will suit not only a Russian student or a young mother, but also a Hollywood star.

In translation, the shearing of the shogi means "shaggy", that is, deliberately careless. It is interesting that "controlled anarchy" can be created not only on the entire head, but also on one specific site: bangs, nape, temples. Ruffled strands look creative, besides, they give their hostess a lot of volume.

Who is the haircut for Sheg?

To whom will the haircut go? Yes, everyone! Even if you are extremely unhappy with the thickness and thickness of your hair, you will decorate them with a maximum of magnificence. It is best to put the shogi on short or medium hair.

Haircut suits the owners of different contours of the face, and it also complements the image: too round face extends, and narrow expands, creating volume on the sides.

She is young, so you can see her on the head not only of a young girl, but also of a mature lady.

Suitable for the owner of straight hair, as well as curls.

Such a haircut will easily fit into any style of clothing: with sports things, she looks free, and with business - creatively.

Advantages of haircuts:

- Air and volume for fine hair.

- "Thinning" too thick and heavy strings, so that they are easier to stack.

- "Camouflage" of the wrong facial features, as well as skin defects (including wrinkles).

Shaggy on short strands

Such a bow consists of a neat piece, which the master created in several stages. It's a pity that this hairstyle can not be overgrown - after deciding on a "short sheggie", you will have to visit the hairdresser every month. But when you return home, you will forget about beauty procedures for a long time. As already mentioned above, the head can only be washed by laying the hair with your hands or comb. If you want, you can help yourself with a hairdryer - but it's not necessary.

Shaggy bean

Shoggy Bob - a universal haircut, which can be performed on short, medium hair and also with long strands and even on the foot. This haircut is capable of correcting shortcomings on the face and reducing age.

Shearing on long hair

If your strands fall below your shoulders, do not turn them into that shaggy bow. The fact is that when filing, the tips of your hair will become "lonely", that is, in appearance - rare and thin. Yes, for long hair, the shegg is performed, as is the cascade - with the cutting of the tiers falling down, but the "thinning" of the hair is stronger than in the cascade.

Still want to try this image? Ask the master to "ruffle" you only individual strands, and then - not with scissors, but with a special razor.

Shaggy's hairstyle for medium hair

Here, the main trump cards are volume and dynamics. All this is created by deep profiling, as well as special cutting techniques. The owner of such a haircut can already with might and main "play" with varnish, mousse for volume or modeling wax. However, try, that on hair there was no "search" of cosmetics - it only will weighed a hairdress, having spoiled on a root all created by the master-hairdresser freedom.

Do your hair curl by nature? Try to apply a bit more wax on the wet string, and then "pull" them with a styler. But in order not to "lick" all the fashionable negligence, straighten only a couple of locks, and let the rest of the hair chaotically stick out wherever they like.


Many women love it, since it does not require daily manipulations with a hair dryer, hair curlers and styling "chemistry". Wash your head, if you wish, squirt the hair with a spray - and dry them, you can even without a hair dryer. And the next day just ruffle your hair with your hands.

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