Haircut Cap

Haircut The cap is perfect for owners of short hair. This type of hairstyle does not require styling. The cap looks chic on thick, smooth hair, but if the hair is thin, the haircut will add volume.

Hairdressers do not recommend the option with a haircut cap only in the case of stiff hairs . In this case, the fringing looks not very neat, and a feeling of rough laying will be created.

Who is suitable for haircut?

This type of female haircut resembles a classic carat , with the only difference being that you will have an open neck and a large volume at the roots. It is worth considering that the cap will look differently against the background of different types of face:

  • on the oval or round - visually elongate the neck and add expressiveness to the eyes;

  • on a triangular - select the line of the chin;
  • on the square - will highlight the neck and cheekbones.
  • Grooming the cap has different variations. Now we consider the most popular.

    Cascade cap

    Cascade cap has a difference from the traditional, consisting in a smooth transition from the bulk head to long strands. This option does not limit the maximum length of hair. As a result of this, the impression of long hair appears.

    Cutting the cap "on the leg"

    The option of cutting the cap on the stem is almost identical to the usual one, but the hair is cut shorter from behind. Because of this, the nape turns out to be open. In other words, the hair from the occiput is extended to the face, having one length at the same time.

    Grooming cap and bangs

    Another option of classic haircuts is the addition of her bangs of various shapes . Also, the bangs can be of different lengths.

    Creative haircut options

    Adherents of creative hairstyles can use a haircut cap as the basic basis for creating an image. Young girls can advise the option with different lengths of hair on opposite sides of the head. This hairstyle will be very original and exquisite.

    How to Arrange a Haircut

    The placement of the bead capping allows you to vary with the style and style. Variants with tails and braids are possible. At your choice, you can leave the untouched upper part, and make the braid out of long hair.

    Hairstyle cap, made on long hair, makes it possible to make a stylish high hairstyle - a cockleshell or a bun . If you want to emphasize it, then you need to alternately make a styling of long hair and hats. Stacking the cap can be made using a hair dryer and a round brush, and long strands of ironing. This laying, as it were, combines two different haircuts, and looks pretty attractive.

    As an option, you can do everything on the contrary, leveling the hat, and wind the long hair on curlers . The variant with such a styling looks very stylish and is perfect for a solemn event.

    A haircut for a long hair

    Recently, the haircut of a cap on long hair is rapidly gaining popularity. This is due to the fact that many girls like to wear long hair, but because of the daily appearance they want a little variety. The classic execution of this haircut involves two layers. The top part of hair is cut by a cap, and from below hair remain the same length or are cut by a cascade . The variant with such a haircut looks very attractive, and it is perfect for girls of any age category. To care for it does not take much time, but the result is always impressive. Thanks to an unusual hair, the hair looks very well-groomed.

    In the form of a cap can not comprehend hair completely, but a separate part of them. For example, only the bang or the temporal region. Hair from behind can be left long, cut them under one line or cascade. This option will look more creative and more suitable for young girls.

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