Haircuts for blond hair

Blondes have always enjoyed the attention of the male half, so it's no surprise that they paid special attention to their hair.

Proper haircuts for light hair can emphasize the natural beauty of their owners, but such hair needs enhanced care, especially if this color is not inherited from nature.

Volumetric haircuts for blond hair

A win-win option for light hair will be swirling curls . All that is needed to implement this image is curlers of different sizes.

Strand large strands with small ones, and success is guaranteed to you. You can fix the image with varnish, or with other styling means, using them during the styling.

Use the advantage of light tone - give him volume. Lush hair will be very good, it is important only to fix them securely. Much better smooth hair look like braids, so the classic "horse tail" is better to give up.

Multi-layer haircuts "feathers"

These haircuts look very voluminous, feminine. With each movement of the head, the curls "play" and look alive. "Feathers" are such popular haircuts as "Italian" and "French".

To make the hair look volume, some strands can be painted in any fashionable color or do American highlights.

The perfect option will be easy laying, which can best emphasize the femininity of their possessor.

Short haircuts for blond hair

Pixie, Gavrosh and Garzon

When choosing a haircut for light hair, you need to focus on their appearance. It helps to hide possible shortcomings: dullness, fraying, dryness. If the hair has such drawbacks, then it is necessary to overcome them as soon as possible. Initially, you have to heal the strands, and then think about the hair.

Pixie Bob

This fashionable haircut combines two hairstyles: the pixy gives the image a dynamic, and the bean - femininity. Long multi-layered bangs, laid asymmetrically to help look original and hide the imperfections of the face.

Graduated bean

Bob with graduation creates gentle steps in the face that looks very feminine and romantic.

Haircut, selected in the right way, will help to make your image unsurpassed, therefore to her choice it is necessary to approach very responsibly. Do not neglect daily activities, because without them you can not expect a good result.

Trendy variants of quads

Haircut "square" on light hair can serve as a basis for your further experiments. You can play with the form of a bang, add asymmetrical lines or make a soft graduation.

Haircuts for blond hair on medium hair


Very rich look on light hair cascading haircuts, decorated with tinted colored strands. Colors can be chosen from light chocolate to extravagant violet.

Long bean

Long bob - one of the popular haircuts for blond hair, which can be seen on the red carpet of stars. Stylish looks like this haircut with straight, to shine smoothed hair and elongated bangs.

Long cascading haircuts for blonde hair

Long blond curls often cut with a cascade or a ladder. The perfect option will be easy laying, which can best emphasize the femininity of their possessor.

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