Haircuts in the style of Trash

Today in the youth subculture and, naturally, fashion has become a very popular trend called "trash". Trash haircuts are a wonderful way of expressing one's personality, they demonstrate the desire for self-realization and reflect the inner feeling of rebellion and rebellion.

Short hair tresses

Haircuts Tres are designed to create the illusion of using multi-layer artificial strings in the hairdress, for which a bright color palette is used, consisting not only of natural shades, but also bright non-standard colors, such as pink, bright orange, purple.

That is why, before deciding on such a creative haircut, you should carefully consider your image, well imagining what the finish image will be.

Short haircuts in the style of Trash are performed on the basis of the model hairstyles of a pixie or a bean, several strands at the same time leave a long one. You can focus on a long bang to the chin or add asymmetrical lines.

Haircuts Trash on medium hair

The most typical elements of haircut in the style of trash are creative bangs , which can become the main accents of the hairdo.

Stylists allow the use of a wide variety of bangs - straight and torn, thinned and multilayered, asymmetrical and with bends, and also in the form of an ideal triangle with a vertex in the center of the forehead;

In the style of Tresh there are always torn straight strands of different length, made on the basis of a traditional cascade , but creating the effect of using artificial hair;

Color solutions have no limitations and allow you to create the most unexpected contrasts, because a stylist can paint strictly defined strands or apply paint to all curls.

Very unusual and original look hair, painted in two colors (this can be a hairstyle with a dark base and bright, juicy ends or with bright lower strands looking out from under the main color) or painted with the help of a technique of colorful coloring .

Trash haircuts: anime-images

By the way, Tresh haircuts perfectly help to create so popular today anime-images, therefore it is quite admissible to dye hair in colorful vertical and horizontal strips.

To create trash-haircuts, stylists use a wide variety of coloring and tinting compounds, acting for a certain time. They do not contain complex chemical compounds and do not spoil the hair, so hair color can be changed very often.

Haircut-trash on hair of different lengths

This hairstyle on short hair is created by giving them the maximum volume with the help of various packing means. But most often haircut in the style of Trash is done on medium hair, which significantly increases the number of their modifications, and even at home for "medium trash" to care much easier.

Types of haircut Trash

One of the shocking options for haircuts is the hairstyle, in which the strands are combined with shaved areas on the head. Such sites can be symmetrical and asymmetrical, figured (lines, figures, inscriptions) and in different sizes - there are no rules or strict canons concerning such combinations. Similarly, no frames are presented either to the length of the remaining strands, or to the method of their coloring.

Hair style in Tres style is favorably emphasized by inexpensive purely youth accessories made of plastic, fabric or metal - barrettes, ribbons, rims, but with their quantity and color range, one should be extremely cautious, otherwise a slightly predatory hairstyle will give the girl not sexuality, but a similarity with a flower bed.

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