Undercut Haircut (Undercut) for women

Not so long ago, the main beauty problems of the majority of beauties were biovaval and lamination. Now everything has figured out that it's much easier to live with short hair, and on the streets you can see dozens of girls and women cut short. But how can we preserve our individuality and not turn the city into an "incubator"? The stylists have helped - they offer such a large selection of short haircuts that there is practically no chance of becoming faceless in the modern fashionista.

One of these topical solutions can be called a undercut. Gentle and daring, she conquers the hearts of hundreds of ladies of all ages and estates in that it does not take time to pack, but looks trendy.

What is Undercard?

Masters haircut is known under the names of "tenderloin", "under", "bleed". From English its name translates as "under the haircut." In fact, undercutting consists of hair of radically different lengths. The lines are only straight lines, no consistent transitions - in general, such a fashionable borrowing of a certain element of style from male images.

Undercut Cut is the true dream of bold ladies who adore experiments with their own appearance. A couple of swings with scissors - and you're no longer an accountant or a housewife, but a rock star! All the surrounding people gasp in amazement, strangers turn around, and you bathe in the rays of glory.

A couple of years ago the masters said that the undercard should be made exclusively for girls with straight, thick, obedient hair. But time proved that the owners of thin, curly, hard hair, too, look with this hairdo beautifully. On each head, the undercut will look a little different - and it's great! Although, of course, especially obstinate hair will have to be carefully laid every day.

Undercut cutting options

With the most harvested hair on the back of the head and temples.

With bare bare or only one temple.

With shaved hair (temples) cobwebs, hearts and so on (such a tattoo without ink).

With maximally elongated top, cut in a straight line.

With a "ragged" or chaotically decorated top.

Without a bang, with an Iroquois or a hedgehog put up.

Depending on the desire of the girl and the type of her face, bangs can be made different: asymmetrical, oblique, straight (not particularly thick - so it's more convenient to clean up).

Variants of laying undercut

Upper hair is collected in the "African" tail on the vertex. This styling will demonstrate your whiskey in the best light - especially if you have something to be proud of (for example, they are decorated with a "tattoo" made of hair or painted in a contrasting color).

Comb your hair back and fasten it with a beautiful barrette or neutral invisibility.

Comb the entire top on one side.

Raise upper hair, combing. Also they can be put upright. This laying is possible for not too long strands.

The bangs are combed sideways, and the hair from the nape is removed as far as possible.

Top slightly lifted not too intense nap, and then curl. This styling is good for a festive occasion.

Treat hair with wax or gel with a "wet" effect, and then "scatter" them in a creative mess.

To weave out of the top hair a French weaving, collecting the tips in a ponytail or letting them free to fall.

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