Haircut "She-wolf"

The name of the haircut "Wolf", as is known, was the result of comparing this hairstyle directly with the beard of the beast. The main feature of this haircut is that strands of hair along the entire length of the hair are beautiful. If the client so desires, then the master can process the tips of hair with a razor. I must say that this device can make this haircut even more attractive.

Especially popular was the Wolf in the 80's. It should be noted that the she-wolf Volchitsa has many similarities with the rather popular haircut today called cascade . In order to do this haircut, the so-called steps are cut at the back of the head, and the strands at the temples are made rather short in front.

Popular haircuts of the 80s

Benefits of Haircuts Wolves

Haircut The she-wolf has a number of advantages, thanks to which she enjoys such popularity among girls. The main advantage of this haircut should be considered an incredible volume, which is achieved through a gradual technique of cutting. Therefore, especially this haircut is suitable for those girls who have insufficiently thick and thick hair.

Haircut She-wolf on medium hair

This type of haircut will look equally excellent on almost any length of hair. However, most often the haircut of the wolf can be seen on the hair of medium length .

Having made such a haircut, you can easily achieve a good volume directly at the top of the head. Very well suits the owner of a round face .

Haircut on a short hair wolf

This gorgeous haircut can very well distinguish beautiful features. An excellent option for this haircut will be for those girls who have little time in the morning for long hair styling, as it can not be laid at all. For a beautiful look, the hair needs to be carefully combed. In addition, the shearing Wolf also allows you to lay your hair, for which there are a lot of options.

Haircut She-wolf with bangs

This haircut allows you to make that version of the bangs , which will be most suitable. Particularly beautiful and harmonious with this haircut will look like variations of bangs, like oblique and thinned, trimmed to the eyebrows.

Styling of a she-wolf

The most common way of laying this haircut is to straighten the strands with ironing. Thus, you can perfectly emphasize the structure of the hairstyle and make it special. You can also lay this haircut with a hair dryer, as well as a round brush, twisting the ends inward or out.

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