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Haircuts for tall girls

It is considered that the choice of haircuts affects only the hair type and shape of the face , including its main features, but experienced hairdressers know that to these parameters it is necessary to add a "weight category" and a woman's growth.

This approach helps to maintain the correct proportions of her figure, so the basic rules of hairdressing should be treated very responsibly.

The optimal length is up to the shoulders

Ideally, all haircuts for tall girls should be based on a base, the length of which reaches the line of the chin or shoulders as much as possible.

Cascading haircuts to the shoulders

Straight and long hair with an even line of the edge, loose on the back, visually "lengthen" the figure, but if the girl is sorry to cut the grown riches for years, then an alternative to her can become a large hairstyle "cascade".

The shape of the bang can be long, and can have an interesting geometry of the milling.

Soft waves

On flat hair, it is advisable to make a soft curl of large curls. Their soft lines fill the image with a romantic femininity and distract attention from high growth.


Natural curly hair should not be released below the shoulders and do on the basis of their curvy hairstyle, as they visually add a couple of centimeters. The same effect is created by hairstyles with a high smooth nape and nasches, so they should also be avoided.

Asymmetric haircuts of medium length

But multi-layer asymmetrical haircuts on medium-length hair on the basis of an elongated and standard square or bean , on the contrary, visually "land" and at the same time distract attention from the growth of their sophisticated and stylish simplicity.

Volumetric haircuts to the chin

Such haircuts should be chosen if you have short hair. The voluminous hairdo will visually smooth the proportions of the tall figure, make it more feminine.

Creative chaos

Volumetric styling in the style of haircut "Sheggi" looks perfect on tall girls, visually makes the figure feminine. It should be remembered that the volume you need in the area of ​​the temples and chin, and high naches on the back of the head is better to avoid.

Graduated strands

Graduated strands around the face make the hair more spacious and distract attention from high growth.

Graduated haircut can be as long as the chin or up to the shoulders.

Lush bangs

Lush bangs will add to the hairstyle of horizontal lines, which will balance the proportions of your figure. In addition, with the help of a bang, you can disguise a high forehead and slur the face less elongated, which is often characteristic of girls of high growth.


A hairstyle to the shoulders, decorated with smooth steps in the face area, perfectly suits tall girls.

What haircuts should be avoided?

Short, "boyish" haircuts for tall girls are taboo. They not only visually reduce the size of the head, changing the normal proportionality of the physique, but also give the features of a coarse masculinity.

You will not be approached by long straight hair, high napes, high hairstyles and tufts on the back of the head, which increase growth.

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